Everything we know so far about eFootball's Early Access

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The excitement for the brand new free to play eFootball is building!

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So, check out everything we know so far about the Early Access to Konami's next release below.

eFootball Early Access

Unlike the FIFA franchise, Konami's eFootball (previously PES) does not have an early access model.

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FIFA has a system where you can play the game early if you pick up one of the more lucrative editions, however, Konami has not implemented this yet.

There's still time for Konami to shock us with an early access reveal, especially since a switch to eFootball took everyone by surprise, so we'll keep this page updated with any news that drops.

Release Date

We don't yet have an official release date for eFootball - but we know it will arrive in early Autumn.

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EARLY BIRD - PES 2019 released on 28 August 2018

Judging from previous PES releases, we think the new free-to-play game is likely to arrive around Tuesday, 7 September.

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We have just got our first taste of the brand new game!

Check out the Official Reveal Trailer below.

It seems Konami are trying to improve the fundamentals of the game to try and create the greatest football head-to-head experience in gaming.

Unreal Engine

As you might know, Konami has chosen to switch engines in time for the arrival eFootball, moving to Epic's Unreal.

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In an interview with Konami's Seitaro Kimura, producer on the eFootball series, he pointed to a few examples of how Unreal has already helped the development process.


One specific example is that with Unreal Engine, designers can take on various tasks without programmers’ help by using Blueprint.

By doing so, we believe that we can improve the production speed, improve the skills of individual designers, and receive many other benefits.

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