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22 Sep 2020

PES 2021 Option File: How to access all of the Official Club Kits, Names, Stadiums, Badges, Licensed Leagues & Broadcast Packages on PS4, PC & Next-Gen

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What is an option file?

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Which platforms is the option file available on?

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How to download the option file

The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is here, and our full review is live!

The choice between PES and FIFA 21 has become tougher recently, but don't let the licenses sway you with this easy fix!

PES 2021 is currently available at just £24.99 / $29.99 on Amazon!

What is an option file?

An option file - or patch - is created by an independent party, and can be downloaded on the game to add items that are missing.

Games such as PES and Football Manager can have option files added to them to bring across the kits, crests and branding they do not have the licences for.

Which platforms is the option file available on?

Currently, you can download an option file for PES 2020 on PlayStation 4 and PC.

Due to the inability to transfer files off a USB drive on Xbox One, you are not able to add the licenses to the Microsoft console.

There is no confirmation currently as to whether you will be able to download these option files onto either of the NextGen consoles.

How to download the option file

On your computer, look for an option file through your browser. PES World provides option files for each league (pesworld.co.uk/ps4-downloads) with PES Patch also rolling out downloads (pes-patch.com/category/pes-2019-patch).

PS4 Instructions

Download the file you want and put the files in a folder named WEPES on a USB device, and plug it into your console.

Turn on the console and load up PES 2021.

Head over to the Extras tab and then click Edit. Scroll down to Import/Export and accept the Data Import Precautions.

edit menu pes 2021 option file

Image Credit: Konami

To download the correct team packages, head to ‘Import Team’, and all the files should appear.

import menu pes 2021 option file

Image Credit: Konami

You can either select the individual ones you want or select all by pressing square. Confirm, and ignore the Advanced Settings by pressing OK.

select file pes 2021 option file

Image Credit: Konami

Once this has downloaded, repeat the process to import any other files that you want.

Now that you are all done, you can use the new teams and kits on all online game modes, including MyClub.


PC Instructions

Download the option file (.rar file) and extract it using a file extractor program such as 7-Zip.

Open the new folder and copy the file named WEPES into the Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 files. This will be under Documents > Konami > Pro Evolution Soccer 2021.

Fire up PES 2021, head to the Extras tab and then Edit. Go to Data Management, Import/Export and Import Team.

Select all and confirm. Repeat the process for Import Competition.

All the crests and kits will be available for you to use in Exhibition and all offline game modes.