PES 2020: We're ahead of FIFA 20 this year, claims Konami

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The war between FIFA 20 and PES 2020 is hotting up... but Konami firmly believes they're winning the battle.

The last few months have seen both EA Sports and the Japanese publisher make a series of high profile announcements - and it's the latter that has arguably come out strongest.

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The Allianz will only be available in PES 2020 this year

European PES brand manager, Lennart Bonzein, told RealSport:

"Obviously they have so new modes but I am following them and watching them and I would say this year, in terms of announcements and stuff, we are ahead. I'm not saying that because I am biased, it's just a fact.

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He added: "We follow the product, we watch what that they're announcing, what they are doing. We are keeping a very close eye on the game.

"To be fair, they've announced a few things, but they haven't announced a lot - which is a bit strange in my opinion, because usually they are going out quite big.

"If you look at the July for us, it was very crucial for us in terms of our partner club announcements and it was something people did not expect."

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PES 2020 will feature the Euro 2020 - a huge low to FIFA 20

EA Sports announced earlier this year that Volta Football, a FIFA Street-like mode, would be packaged with this year's game.

This was trumped shortly after, with Konami announcing an exclusive partnership with Juventus - causing EA to change the club name in their game to Piemonte Calcio.

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To add more salt in the wound, Konami revealed they have won the rights to Euro 2020 - and will be providing that experience in PES 2020, as well as putting on a dedicated esports tournament.

EA has only announced a deeper partnership with the Bundesliga this year, but still won’t have Bayern Munich’s Allianz Arena on FIFA 20, with those honours going to PES

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