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16 Sep 2019

PES 2020: Sales off to a flying start as Konami's game lands early blow to FIFA 20

The PES 2020 marketing campaign seems to have paid off - with the game currently sitting at No 3 in the UK games chart.

Now, these figures are based purely physical sales, and don't take into account digital sales.

However, it's certainly an encouraging trend - with many assuming the writing was on the wall for Konami's football series after last year's game was down 42% on PES 2018 sales.

PES 2020 sales are a stark reminder to EA that FIFA 20 cannot rest on its laurels

This was largely blamed on the loss of the Champions League in PES 2019 - but this year, Konami confirmed the Euro 2020 competition will feature exclusively on PES 2020.

It's also a warning shot to EA's FIFA 20, set to launch next week, that there's not just one football game in town.

Borderlands 3 took the top spot, with Gears of War 5 in second place.

It's not all good news for Gears, though, with just 10,196 players on Steam –pretty lame for a major new release. The full top 10 can be seen here

So, is PES 2020 any good?

Our very own Harry Jones in PES 2020 review thinks it's a brilliant game, albeit one with plenty of flaws - a step in the right direction, but one perhaps not significant enough to significantly threaten FIFA’s stronghold on the football gaming market.

It still lacks the licences to compete with FIFA’s realism and its online matchday feature cannot seriously challenge FIFA Ultimate Team in terms of personal user experience.

Konami signing exclusive rights to Juventus was a tipping point in this campaign

However, matches are genuinely enjoyable to play, packing plenty of attacking football. Also, Master League is pretty great – if FIFA’s changes to Career Mode do not make an impactful improvement, there will be no doubt regarding which game has the better single-player mode.

You can read our full PES 2020 review here.