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PES 2020 MyClub & Matchday Overview 27 July - Agents, Euro 2020, Dates, Times & more

Every week, Konami post what is arriving in PES 2020 online modes MyClub & Matchday.

Here's everything arriving in the week commencing 27 July.


There's plenty on offer for MyClub players this week:

Special Agents

This week in myClub, tournaments are EURO 2020 themed, with Special Agents signing talented players from around the world.

The two Special Agents available this week are both guaranteed to sign you Silver Ball or higher players.

myclub european stars pes 2020 min
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EURO STARS - Some fine European talent can be yours this week

Each Agent has access to a completely different set of players, so choose who you entrust the future of your club to wisely!


Featured Players

From Thursday, 30 July onwards, you'll get access to the 'POTW: Jul 30 '20' Special Agent, who can help sign Featured Players that performed well in the weekend's matches.

Challenge Cups

Claim victory in the vs COM Challenge Cup against European national teams to win 5,000 GP for your first win in each cup.

Win all three cups for a total of 15,000 GP.

Join an Online Challenge Cup that matches your Team Strength for a chance to win Skill Trainers and Position Trainers.


The first half of the week is all about playing with the Preset Teams, with the back half allowing you to use Custom Squads.

Preset Teams

Konami Cup Home v Away events, where you can select Preset Teams based on national squads from around the world:

Monday, 27 July - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTTuesday, 28 July - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTWednesday, 29 July - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BST

konami cup home vs away preset teams
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KONAMI KING - Will you come out on top in the cup?

Go to Top Menu → eFootball → Matchday to access each Matchday event during its available time.

Custom Squads


Join Konami Cup Home v Away Custom Squad events where national teams are the theme:

Thursday, 30 July - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTFriday, 31 July - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTSaturday, 1 August - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTSunday, 2 August - 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BST

Go to myClub Menu → Match → What's On → Matchday and choose the competition you wish to enter.

EURO 2020 Round of 16

Matchday events themed after the EURO 2020 Round of 16 will be available as follows:

Preset Teams

Thursday 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTFriday 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTSaturday 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BSTSunday 11am-4pm ET / 4-9pm BST

spain pes 2020 euros matchday min
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TOP OF THE TABLE - Last week Spain faced off against Republic of Ireland in the Group Stage final

Go to Top Menu → eFootball → Matchday to access each Matchday event during its available time.


Custom Squads

In Matchday events that use Custom Squads, certain players are eligible to receive bonus Event Points.

Include as many of these players in your squad as possible to maximise the amount of Event Points you earn!

The Group Match Stage begins at the start of each Matchday event and runs for approximately 5 hours.

The Grand Final will begin after the Group Match Stage has ended.Enter as many Matchday events as possible and start racking up those rewards!

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