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06 Apr 2020

PES 2020: Data Pack 6.0 coming soon?!

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Data Pack 6.0 Release Date

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Data Pack 6.0 Expected Content

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What arrived in Data Pack 5.0?

It's been a month since Konami last released a Data Pack update to PES 2020, but now it looks like we'll be getting fresh content very soon.

That's because Konami has confirmed that a new PES mobile update will be arriving this week, and a Data Pack for the full game often follows closely behind.

Keep reading to find out more about Data Pack 6.0.

Data Pack 6.0 Release Date

Konami has confirmed that a new PES Mobile update will arrive on Thursday, 9 April 2020.

As a result, we expect Data Pack 6.0 to arrive sometime over the next two weeks.

Data Pack 6.0 Expected Content

PES 2020 Data Packs often follow the same formula. Therefore, we expect the new update to include the following:

  • Gameplay updates
  • MyClub updates
  • League updates
  • New Player Faces
  • New kits
  • New boots

If Data Pack 6.0 is anything like the last one then PES fans will certainly be satisfied.

What arrived in Data Pack 5.0?

The most notable content updates in Data PAck 5.0 were new player faces and a commemorative kit.

New Player Faces

Konami introduced 30 new or updated player faces in the last update

In their initial announcment, they shared the photo below.

pes data pack 5 player faces

FRESH FACED: Konami partners, RCD Mallorca, have received new player faces

The picture shows five RCD Mallorca players – Takefusa Kubo, Dani Rodriguez, Valjent, Raillo and Ki Sung-yueng (left to right).

The two players on either end already had player faces, but received an update – whereas the three men in the middle were given new faces.

Bayern Munich 120th Anniversary Kit

Konami also released a commemorative kit for German giants Bayern Munich, celebrating their 120 year anniversary.

pes data pack 5 bayern munich anniversary kit

CELEBRATION TIME: The new kit marked Bayern's 120th anniversary

The new kit has a pink and red theme and seems to sport an all-new Bayern badge.

Bookmark this page as we will update it with every Data Pack 6.0 patch note, as soon as they’re released.