02 Aug 2021 1:57 PM +00:00

MAJOR eFootball announcement coming soon after demo is confirmed

Konami's has made waves after it revealed that 'PES' would no longer exist and instead be replaced by free-to-play title eFootball.

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With the game set to debut this year, Konami has now revealed there is another major announcement coming our way.

MAJOR announcement coming soon

It does not look like we will have to wait long for our next eFootball reveal!


The new eFootball title's official Twitter page posted the tweet above confirming there is another "major announcement" on the way.

They also answered some "common questions" too, revealing more details about the game.


No graphic compromise

Some great news to start with! Graphics will not be downgraded on consoles and PC to adjust for cross-platform matchmaking.

There were concerns that the game would not run as well if a next-gen player matches up against a mobile user, but Konami has been quick to dismiss these concerns.

"We will make graphical adjustments to the mobile version but the next-generation graphics on consoles and PC will not be downgraded".

The official eFootball page also said "eFootball is developed first for consoles but is a platform for everyone to enjoy.

"The game will take full advantage of the hardware capabilities of each supported device".

It has also been confirmed that matchmaking filters will include location and platform.


Demo confirmed

A demo of sorts has been confirmed for eFootball, with their Early Autumn launch will act as a demo.

"We want people to get hands-on with eFootball as soon as possible, so we will launch with a limited number of teams and modes," reads the official tweet.

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GET IN - The Early Autumn launch will be fully free-to-play

The Early Autumn launch will be completely free-to-play too with no microtransactions in the game.

Local matches will also be available in the demo, so you will be able to play against the CPU.


Option files for PlayStation and PC

It looks like bad news for Xbox fans as they have been left out of any plans for an Edit Mode or Option Files.

"We are planning to add Edit Mode / Option Files as a free update for PS5, PS4, and PC after the initial release."

While this is great news for some of us, it certainly leaves some questions about their plans for Xbox.