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eFootball 2023 - New cards celebrate National HEROES

eFootball 2023 Dream Team

eFootball 2023 is ramping up the content, with new cards arriving in Dream Team every week.

With the World Cup coming to a close, this week's epic cards celebrate national heroes, with three new additions made to the game.

Check below to find out everything you need to know about these new cards

eFootball 2023 National Heroes

Three new cards have arrived in eFootball 2023 Dream Team, all celebrating national heroes.

Dragan Stojkovic, Park Ji-Sung and Steven Gerrard have all arrived in the latest release, with these cards boasting insane ratings and values.

Gerrard is clearly the pick of the bunch with a 97 rating to his name, with Serbian legend Stojkovic following close behind in second.

Former Manchester United star Park Ji-Sung also makes an Epic appearance in eFootball 2023, a celebration for a man who performed wonders for both club and country.

What is Dream Team?

This is a brand-new game mode where users can build their own original team linked with “Season” by signing players and managers by making use of in-game items (e.g. GP that users can acquire by playing different in-game matches) and compete against other users from around the world.

In "Dream Team", users can handpick and sign players and managers that are consistent with their football ideology.

You will be able to develop and strengthen players through a training and levelling system, so that they match with users’ own playstyle.

Organise your team through signing and developing players, finding the Team Playstyle that suits you best and building your own "Dream Team".

Compete against other "Dream Teams" built by other users from around the world, with the option to also play against the CPU in special events to earn rewards.

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