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eFootball 2023 Master League: Konami's managerial mode set to ECLIPSE FIFA

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efootball 2023 Master League

eFootball 2023 has arrived, with new teams added and gameplay tweaks made in order to make Konami's free-to-play game feel better than ever.

Now, with Master League confirmed for arrival in 2023 as paid DLC - and with FIFA 23 now out and scrutinised - we want to take a look at how Master League could completely eclipse Career Mode.

Master League vs Career Mode

FIFA 23 may have received high praise for its gameplay changes, but offline modes like Career Mode have certainly left a lot to be desired.

With a lack of new features added to manager mode, it could be the turn of Konami and eFootball to dominate the football management scene.

With Master League confirmed to be arriving as paid DLC in 2023, we're expecting to see a number of new features added, making Konami's offering a true competitor to FIFA 23.

Obvious Flaws

It's important to note that EA has one distinct advantage over Konami when it comes to managerial modes and that's teams and licenses.

If you're managing your beloved club, then you want to do so in its full licensed form, rather than the somewhat awkward name that is handed to them by Konami.

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COMING BACK - Master League will return in 2023

That being said, this is the only obvious flaw that we can identify between the two, with eFootball potentially being able to capitalise on a gap in the market.

Frustrated Community

FIFA Career Mode fans have been left frustrated for some time, with a lack of new features more pertinent than ever in FIFA 23.

This is where eFootball and Konami can step in, offering an alternative to the footballing behemoth, providing exciting and in-depth features that could completely blow EA out of the water.

For years, fans have been asking for a blend of the in-depth features we see in games like Football Manager with the rich gameplay of FIFA, and eFootball could be the rank outsiders that step in and grant this wish.

FIFA 23 Career Mode Frank Lampard
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FALLING FLAT - Fans aren't impressed with FIFA 23's Career Mode features

During the PES years, Master League was always considered highly underrated, implementing more cut-scenes and generally better features than seen in the FIFA series.

Now, with a DLC announced for 2023, eFootball could build upon that solid base and tackle the issues that offline players are facing.

Whilst Dream Team and Ultimate Team will take precedence as the main money-making mode for their respective developers, a gap in the market is developing for a disgruntled community that wants to experience life as a football manager, without the repetitive cycle that we've seen develop in FIFA in recent years.

The Time is Now

With EA Sports and FIFA going their separate ways, there's never been a better time for Konami to swoop in and stake their claim to an important part of the gaming market.

If eFootball can prove - with their 2023 Master League DLC - that they are capable of creating a mode tailored to the fans and far better than Career Mode, then they will earn the trust of a large number of people.

Heading into a busy market with more football games than clubs in the Premier League, the competition has never been greater, but we think that if eFootball pulls off a successful Master League implementation, they could score a huge advantage over their rivals.

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