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Find out whether PES 2022 will use Unreal Engine 5

With PES 2021 winding down for the year, we're taking a look at Konami's next release.

So, check out whether PES 2022 will use Unreal Engine 5 below.

Does PES 2022 use Unreal Engine 5?

We don't yet have confirmation of whether PES 2022 will use Unreal Engine 5.

If it is in fact Unreal Engine 5, then that is massive news for PES players.

Bringing Holywood movie graphics to the gaming industry, Unreal Engine 5 is set to provide us with best console graphics to date.

The above walkthrough was showcased in May 2020, and shows the influence of lighting (Lumite) can have on Unreal Engine 5's graphics.


The other core feature is Nanite, allowing for high-detailed photographic source material to be imported into games.

So imagine getting a very different feel when playing at Barcelona's Camp Nou during the day, at sunset and under the floodlights.

Not only that, but Unreal Engine will also improve how humans look in video games.

Another video released in February 2021, shows us how realistic "digital humans" will appear.

If we get this level of details in the players in PES 2022 then we're in for quite a showing.


This feature is not exclusive to Unreal Engine 5 either, so even if PES 2022 is on UE4, it will receive a graphics lift.

Check out all the details around Unreal Engine 5 over at Gfinity Esports.

Will it be Unreal Engine 4 or 5?

This is the million-dollar question really, with Unreal Engine 5 expected to arrive in "late 2021".

The only known title being developed on Unreal Engine 5 is Hellblade, which may or may not release this year.

INCREDIBLE - The level of detail on Unreal Engine 5 is unrivalled
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INCREDIBLE - The level of detail on Unreal Engine 5 is unrivalled

Fortnite will port over to Unreal Engine 5 in "mid-2021", so there is a possibility that PES 2022 could get the full UE5 treatment.


The gut feeling, however, is that PES 2022 will move to Unreal Engine 4 - and perhaps move to UE5 in a few years' time.

Plus, if you compare the teaser of Lionel Messi to the "metahumans" in the Unreal Engine reveal, the Barcelona forward isn't quite up to the same standard.

That said, that was released six months beforehand, so there's every chance Konami is still working with Unreal Engine, and getting Messi & co. up to that level.