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Overwatch Anniversary Event 2022: Release date, skins, and LTMs

Overwatch has been going strong since 2016 and with all that time comes tonnes of updates, skins, and so much more. The next major event we're due to see is the Overwatch anniversary 2022 event. Here's everything you need to know about it so far and what we think will show up. You have a little time before it goes live so make sure to get your game ready.

What is the Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Event?

The Overwatch Anniversary 2022 event is a yearly celebration of the release of the game. It brings back some unique skins and usually a few game modes. Unlike other events, it doesn't tend to have its own modes, opting to bring back some fan favourites from the last few years.

Generally, you can grab a few loot boxes at the start of the event too so it's a good time to get yourself some brand new skins. If you aren't hugely interested in the event, just boot up the game for the loot boxes and wait till the next one.

Overwatch Anniversary 2022 Event release date

It's hard to fully guess the exact date but we have a decent guess of when the Overwatch 2022 event is due to start. You can check out a full chart of every start date since its release below.

Start Date
End Date
May 23
June 12
May 22
June 11
May 21
June 10
May 19
June 9
May 18
June 8

Generally, we're expecting it to release around the middle of May. We'll update you here if any new information comes out.


We don't know what the new skins will look like just yet but we know all previous Overwatch anniversary events will be available. This means at least 49 skins will be there.

The new modes and free loot boxes should help you to get them. As more skins are announced, we will update you right here.

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