Counting down to the start of the Overwatch 2021 Summer Games

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The Overwatch Summer Games have just arrived, seeing some changes to Overwatch with new skins and more. Now that its release date has hit us, here's what you should know about the latest update.

Latest - It's Live Now

After considerable build-up and more than a few teases, the latest update is finally here and it's a big one.

You can get in there right now and check everything out for yourself.

Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Release Date & Time

The latest event for Overwatch released on July 20th. Blizzard tends to bring out updates when they announce them so nothing is holding back this release date now. Get in there early to get all those new skins and try out what they have on offer.


Here was our original guess for its release date, which wasn't far off. Generally, they tend to go live on Tuesday at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET / 7 pm BST. If it doesn't update by this time, give it a few more hours and it should sort itself out.


Download Size

We don't know how big the next update will be but we will update here as soon as we know.

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Overwatch Summer Games 2021 Skins

You can find out all about the skins right here in our breakdown piece but a short trailer showed off just three of the skins we can expect to see.

Check out the trailer above to see new skins for Symmetra, Ashe and B.O.B and Mei.


Limited-Time Modes

We don't know what we will see this year just yet but we have some guesses. We will likely see the return of Lucioball and maybe a nice new spin on that mode too.

We may even see some crossover with the Olympics. Likely not an official one but something that pays homage to this longstanding event. Perhaps playing into the speed of characters more with something a little different.