Overwatch 2 Year of the Rabbit Event - skins, twitch drops, modes, and more

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Overwatch 2 is celebrating the lunar new year with a brand new event inspired by the year of the rabbit.

With some new game modes, skins, twitch drops, and more. This will be one busy time for players.

The event started yesterday but has already received some pretty good reviews from players around the world.

Does this makeup for the many disappointments which came along with the first season of Overwatch 2?

Let's look. With the Year of the Rabbit event in Overwatch 2!

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Brand-new Arcade Game Modes

The new event in Overwatch 2 has some new game modes which are slightly altered versions of Capture the Flag.

Firstly, there is the Blitz version of Capture the Flag which makes the game run much faster.

Capture the Flag in Overwatch 2
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Secondly, there is a Capture the Flag version which lets players climb the ranks.

The second mode is a free-for-all bounty hunter arcade mode.

The first person to get a kill gets a bounty on them which increases points gained with kills whilst being the bounty.

However, if a player kills another player with the bounty then they get the bounty transferred to them.

The Year of the Rabbit Overwatch 2 Challenges

There are challenges included for each of these new game modes and they look like this.

  • Lucky Pouch - Complete 2 challenges in Lunar New Year - Lucky Pouch Weapon Charm
  • Good Fortune Kkachi - Complete 4 challenges in Lunar New Year - KKachi Echo Skin
  • Mark of the Rabbit - Win 10 games in Bounty Hunter - Year of the Rabbit Spray, 1000 battle pass XP
  • Sixth Time's the Charm - Eliminate the bounty target 6 times - 1000 battle pass XP
  • Lucky Rabbit - Win 6 games in CTF or Competitive CTF - Year of the Rabbit Name Card, 1000 battle pass XP
  • Auspicious Victories - Win 8 games in CTF Blitz - Hongbao Souvenir, 1000 battle pass XP
  • Catch the Rabbit - Capture the flag in CTF or CTF Blitz - 1000 battle pass XP

Mei Skin

New content included in this lunar new year event has also been added to Overwatch 2.

These include...

  • A new epic Mei skin, Hu Tou Mao
  • A collection of old Lunar New Year event skins.

As the Overwatch 2 shop rotates every Tuesday, there may be more content added throughout the event too.

New Overwatch 2 Twitch Rewards

So, the free content included in this event is looking pretty good so far.


But, there is the option to earn new content by watching Twitch for a certain number of hours.

Lion's Roar Victory pose Moira in Overwatch 2
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Players must first link their accounts to be able to gain this free content.

But, what is the free content? Let's take a look...

The Lion Roars Victory Pose for Moira can be unlocked by watching for two hours.

For four hours, you can unlock the Masked Dancer Legendary skin for Moira.

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