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Overwatch 2: Final Overwatch Season and Loot Boxes Purchased

Overwatch 2 is nearly out and to prepare for this, Overwatch has announced the final competitive season and stopped players from buying loot boxes.

It will turn into the free-to-play Overwatch 2 on October 4 2022.

Content from the first game is transferrable to the sequel and crossplay will also be allowed.

Before all of this is available, Blizzard has been slowing down content for the first game over a few months.

The end for Overwatch is coming, so let's see what you need to know before players move over to the sequel.

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Final Overwatch season teased

The Community Manager of Overwatch responded on a forum to a concerned player.

Craig revealed that 'There will be one more season' coming to the game before the rebirth as Overwatch 2.

Overwatch final season
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There has been no extra information yet released about the final season of the game, but leaks should emerge soon.

Fans are thinking there may be some special events or content for the final season of the game.

However, the Founder's Pack does give some free content to smooth the process of the switch.

The Final Overwatch loot box sold in preparation for Overwatch 2

The conclusion of Anniversary Remix Volume 3 saw the final Overwatch loot box be sold to a player.

However, even though loot boxes cannot be purchased, they can be earned through gameplay.

Unopened loot boxes will be opened automatically on September 15 2022.

And despite the loss of loot boxes, the new battle pass idea in Overwatch 2 will give players more content to play around with.

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