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Overwatch 2- Early Patch Notes, Halloween Terror, Leaks, and More

Overwatch 2 was recently released. However, there have already been some major updates coming to the game.

So far, there aren't any official patch notes for the new Halloween Terror event.

However, there are some confirmed events which are happening and also some leaks of information.

Fans are already aware of some content coming to the game with the Halloween event thanks to the official teaser trailer.

So, let's take a look at the early patch notes for the Halloween Terror event in Overwatch 2.

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Halloween Terror event in Overwatch 2

The newest Halloween Terror event has been confirmed officially by Blizzard.

With some new cosmetic content coming to the game, the rewards are pretty big this year.

However, there has been general upset within the community as these rewards come as Twitch drops.

Players have to watch Twitch for a certain number of hours in order to get these cosmetic goods.

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Torbjorn and Bastion make a comeback

Torbjorn and Bastion were recently removed from the game due to some game-breaking bugs.

Torbjorn from Overwatch 2
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They were originally removed due to their abilities causing the mini-map in-game to be removed.

However, their return will soon happen in the latest patch of the game.

Newest patch notes

So far, there aren't any official patch notes for Overwatch 2 next patch update.

However, as soon as these are released, this article will be updated with any hero changes, bug fixes or anything else.

Keep your eyes peeled!

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