*UPDATED* Overwatch 2 COUNTDOWN: Release Date, Time, Details, and More

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The free-to-play Overwatch 2 is out tomorrow and the countdown has begun to tick for Respawn Entertainment.

The game has been met with some disappointment from the community.


However, the new game is still pretty exciting for fans and will provide them with some new content.

Additionally, with new heroes, mechanics, and game modes. The game is getting a massive overhaul.

Table of Contents

So, let's look at the release date for Overwatch 2, a countdown, and its release time.

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*UPDATED* Overwatch 1 servers shut off

Blizzard have now officially shut down the servers for the first Overwatch.

Attempting to play the game pops a message that Overwatch 2 is on the way.

Many players have signalled this closure by dancing just as the servers went down and many streamers also covered it.

Overwatch 2 COUNTDOWN

Overwatch 2 COUNTDOWN


Release date

Overwatch 2 has been built up for such a long time and the release date is only just around the corner.

in-game Overwatch 2

The official date for release is October 4 2022.

However, the servers for the first game have now officially been shut down. So, this means that the first game is no longer playable.

Release time

The sequel will be released at 8 pm BST.

Additionally, in other time zones, this may look like...

  • 7 pm GMT
  • 2 pm CT
  • 12 pm PT
  • 3 pm EST

The later release time leaves players with less of the night to spend on the game if download speeds are slow.

However, pre-loading gives players access to the game as soon as it hits that release time and date.


If you owned the original game, then it can be preloaded a little earlier on both console and PC.

So, if you played on the PC, then pre-loading could be started on September 30 2022.


However, if you are playing on a console, then pre-loading can only happen three hours ahead of the release time.