Rugby 7s and Judo among sports to feature in new Olympic Games title

With the Tokyo Olympics just over the horizon, anticipation is building for the release of Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game.

Over a dozen different events and sports will be included, and we've got all the details you need about what you'll be able to play in this upcoming Olympics Video Game.

Latest News - Release Date has almost arrived

The wait is almost over for Olympic Games Tokyo 2020: The Official Video Game!

The title is set to be released on June 22, and that means we have less than two weeks before it lands on multiple platforms.

You can find more information here about when the title will go live and which platforms you can pre order on now.

Track and Field in the Olympics Video Game

A staple of any Olympics video game, the track and field event are some of the classic sports we are used to watching at the games.

4 X 100 Meter Relay

The 4 X 100-metre relay is one of three track events included in the game. Just like real life, it involves a team sprint with four different runners.

In the video game, players will need to make sure their runners are in perfect sync as they pass the baton and try to run the fastest lap they can together.

110-Metre Hurdles

The next track event to be included is the 110-meter hurdles. Players will have to master speed and timing when doing this hurdling event.

100 Meter

The last track event to be featured in this game is the 100-metre sprint, and it may be the simplest. As there are no hurdles or relays, the winner of this event will be based on sheer speed.

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READY TO LAUNCH - How far can you throw the hammer

Everyone should be thrilled to compete in this all-out sprint event.

Long Jump

The first field event to be included in the game is the long jump. The game will do its best to depict the speed, timing, and technique needed to take home gold in the long jump.

Hammer Throw

The other field event in this game is the hammer throw. The title will make fans master the spin and timing required to send a hammer flying through the air.

Prepare to get wet in Tokyo 2020

Another classic of the genre, it would not be the Olympics without some swimming events.

200-Metre Individual Medley

The 200-metre Individual Medley is the first of two swimming events in the new Olympics title. Players will have to learn four different strokes in order to succeed in this event.

Fans should be excited to showcase their country's aquatic dominance in this game.

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ON YOUR MARKS - Make a splash by taking home gold in the pool

100-Metre Freestyle

The other swimming event included in this Olympics title is the 100-metre freestyle. Just like in real life, players will have to swim with rhythm, timing, and speed to succeed in this fast-moving event.

Some of the new sports to be included could produce some epic gaming.

Sport Climbing

Sport climbing will appear in the Olympics for the first time ever in 2021. The event involves competing with others to climb as fast as possible to the top of a vertical rock wall.

This sport is new for most people, but it certainly sounds intriguing and could be fun to reenact in the video game.


Similar to basketball, one of the United States' most popular sports will be included in this game. Baseball hasn't appeared in the last two titles as the event hasn't been included in the games since 2008.

Either way, fans can look forward to taking the diamond, hitting dingers, and throwing some heat for their country.

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BATTER UP - Hit the winning run for your country this summer

Rugby Sevens

Rugby sevens should be a very entertaining event to simulate in this title. As rugby is usually 15 on 15, this version will surely be more fast-paced and hectic.

Either way, players will still need all the regular rugby skills like tackling, kicking, and blazing speed to place first in this event.


The final event listed in this game is going to get extreme. Bicycle Motor Cross, or BMX, is an event that will demand players to pump their pedals and make crazy jumps.

It will be interesting to see how this game shows one of the most mesmerizing events in the Olympics.

Best of the rest in The Official Video Game

Take a quick peek at what else you can expect from the new game, including some of the world's most popular team sports.


This title is making sure to include a widely popular sport in basketball. Now, we can't expect NBA 2K, but the game's basketball event will surely be worth trying.

Players should be excited to dribble, defend, dunk, and lead their country to gold on the hardwood.


As the hype for eSports Boxing club builds, the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 title is including its own version of the sport.

Players can lace up their gloves and punch their nation to Olympic glory. This game will allow fans to see who is the world's king of the ring.


What would an Olympics video game be without some martial arts? Judo is the only martial art in this title, but it should be fun to grapple, throw, and takedown opponents in this one-on-one event.

Table Tennis

It should be a blast to try out the table tennis event in this game. Players will have to balance the power, accuracy, and spins necessary to be the table tennis champion of the world.

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MATCH POINT - The fast-paced action does not stop in table tennis


Of course, the globe's favorite sport will find its way into this title. Although it's not FIFA, fans will appreciate this game's interpretation of football.

As always, users will have to make the passes, tackles, and shots needed to take the gold on the pitch.


Obviously, the game will include the most popular racket sport in the world: tennis. The title's event will involve the serving, volleying, and smashing hits that we see in Olympics.

Fans should be eager to demonstrate their prowess on the hardcourt and take home the gold.

Beach Volleyball

Take to the sand and compete in the game's beach volleyball event. This two-on-two event will require players to bump, set and spike to victory.

Fans will be impatiently waiting to show which country is the best on the beach in this game.

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