Reverse2K: "I would love for there to be trios and squads in the competitive scene"

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Photo Credit: (Reverse2k)

Malachi "Reverse2K" Greiner recently qualified for the Fortnite World Cup Finals in solos. Establishing himself as one of the most successful professional players in Fortnite, Reverse2K brings a veteran mindset to the game and looks to qualify for the duo portion of the Fortnite World Cup with his partner Tyler "Ninja" Blevins.


myst: First off congratulations on officially qualifying for the solo portion of the Fortnite World Cup! How does it feel to have the stress of solos lifted off of your shoulders now?

Reverse2K: It feels absolutely amazing. I always hated solo competition because anything could go wrong in a split second, but I am so relieved that I qualified and now just looking forward to duos!

myst: In previous solo qualifiers, you finished around top 100, how were you able to elevate your performance to second yesterday along with three victories? 

Reverse2K: I watched a lot of past gameplay from other qualified players, and just studied them hard on what they did and what I didn’t do. I used their techniques and strategies going into week 7 solos, and it my hard work paid off. I found a new landing spot and drop that I thought suited me the best and everything worked out!


myst: Ninja and yourself have narrowly missed out in qualifying for duos in the last two qualifiers. For those who do not know, how did you two end up becoming duo partners for the World Cup?

Reverse2K: My last duo partner dropped me as a duo for reasons, and I tweeted out that I needed a duo partner for the upcoming World Cup tournament. Ninja direct messaged me, and we played and tried each other out. We vibed really well and decided to become teammates.

Photo Credit: ESPN