Where to Find & Catch Drifloon in Pokemon BDSP

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While Pokemon games, in general, have become a lot more accessible than they may have been in the 90s, that doesn't mean there aren't some tricky spots to navigate in the modern games. The Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl remakes come with their own set of challenges too, one of which is finding and catching a Drifloon.

This particular Pokemon debuted in the original Diamond and Pearl games and you're going to need some additional info to catch it (unless you just get lucky!).

How to Find & Catch a Drifloon

One major factor you need to take into consideration when trying to find Drifloon is that it only appears on a Friday! Yep... hopefully, you've not been looking too long before finding this information out!

You can change the date and time on your Nintendo Switch in order to make Drifloon appear if you don't want to have to wait for the next Friday in the calendar. To do this, head to System Settings > Settings > Date & Time. The game will need to be restarted to trigger Drifloon's appearance.

There is also only one Drifloon in the entire game. To find it, you'll need to defeat the Team Galactic members near the Wind Plant. Go and talk with the Grunts to find the key for opening the Valley Windsworks door which is locked from inside.

drifloon pokemon bdsp
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Enter the Valley Windworks and defeat the Team Galactic member inside and you will now find this Pokemon outside the Valley Windworks (on a Friday!).

To evolve Drifloon, it need to reach level 28. If for any reason you catch one higher than this, you can either use a Rare Candy or level it up once more to trigger the evolution. Levelling it up to 28 using Rare Candies also works as a strategy.

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