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Squirdle: How to Play, Rules, Daily Answers & More

Pokemon fans rejoice as we now have a brand new way to test our knowledge of the franchise we love with a puzzle called Squirdle

Yes, you read that right. Squirdle is a fan-made "Wordle" style game but instead of a daily word being the puzzle, it's a Pokemon that we have to figure out.

Here's everything you need to know about Squirdle.

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How to Play

There are actually two different versions of Squirdle for those wanting to play the game for themselves. There is the traditional daily Squirdle to give fans a new puzzle every day and a 'Free Play' game that you can play as much as you want.

Here is a look at how to play Squirdle
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Due to the added difficulty of guessing a specific Pokemon, Squirdle gives you a total of eight guesses to get the creature you are looking for. Unlike Wordle which uses green, yellow and blank coloured boxes, Squirdle has its own system which uses red for incorrect, blue for higher/lower and green for correct.

While this sounds simple, it's a little bit more complex due to what exactly you need to find. Instead of just typing out the name of the Pokemon and having to use the letters to figure it out, you instead need to find the correct Pokemon using the following categories and typing in the name:

  • Generation (e.g. 4)
  • Type 1 (e.g. Normal)
  • Type 2 (e.g. Flying)
  • Height (e.g. 1.2)
  • Weight (e.g. 24.9)

Using the information you get from a guess, you then need to narrow down your options until you can find the correct Pokemon. This is where the game gets complicated as Squirdle doesn't give much information to use unless you are correct.

Daily Squirdle Answer

Below you can find the daily Squirdle answer if you need extra help in keeping your streak. We will also list all of the relevant info to potentially help you out in future games.

Today - September 2nd 2022 (Palkia)

Palkia is the current answer for Squirdle. Here is the info on Palkia:

  • Name - Palkia
  • Generation - 4
  • Type 1 - Water
  • Type 2 - Dragon
  • Height - 4.2
  • Weight - 336

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