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Pokemon Presents: Date, Time, Scarlet And Violet & More

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A brand new Pokemon Presents has just been announced and is set to give us an exciting new look at various Pokemon apps and games including the generation nine games of Scarlet and Violet.

Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming Pokemon Presents event.

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August Pokemon Presents Date

The latest Pokemon Presents video will be premiering on Wednesday, 3rd August 2022 and will be uploaded for fans to watch on the official Pokemon YouTube channel from 6am PT / 9am ET / 2pm BST.

The event will likely be between 15-30 minutes in length and will provide updates on a variety of Pokemon apps and games for fans.

What Can We Expect From Pokemon Presents?

The main attraction for this brand new Pokemon Presents is, of course, the brand new generation nine titles of Scarlet and Violet which is expected to get a brand new trailer to show off the game ahead of its launch date in November.

Fans of the game will be watching the event closely to see which of the many leaks are accurate, which are inaccurate and what exciting new features they can expect once it arrives.

Other titles that will likely see various updates for fans are Pokemon Unite with the popular MOBA title constantly getting more content produced for it. We could potentially see a brand new playable Pokemon announced for the game and will likely see various new outfits available for players to customize their characters.

More creatures to be announced at the next pokemon presents.
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Pokemon Go will also likely have a sizable portion of this Pokemon Presents showcase, with more content for the rest of the year likely set to be announced including in-game events, community days and the introduction of new Pokemon for trainers to catch.

It is unlikely that new games will be announced yet but the possibility shouldn't be ruled out entirely as Legends Arceus and Brilliant Diamond/ Shining Pearl were both announced at the same time so another spin-off title could be expected for the near future.

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