Pokemon Unite: Slyveon Build Guide and Tips

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Sylveon, the newest attacker assassin is arriving very soon to Pokemon Unite. The fairy-type Pokemon has the ability to do very high damage.

To help you along, here is our Sylveon guide, where we'll cover Sylveon's moveset, best held items, and tips to dominate your battles.

Release Date

Sylveon releases on October 5th, 2021 at 5pm PST.

Price: Trainers can obtain Sylveon License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Early Game

Sylveon is an attacker who can produce high burst damage ideal for fighting 1vs1 or focusing on the enemy team ADC.

Choosing Lane:

Attackers normally performed better in Top Lane, however, Sylveon can be played also as Jungler, taking the Center Path as well.

Early Game:

Sylveon's evolution is early, reaching her final form at Lvl 4. She can reach this even before the first score or the first team fight takes place.

Option B Hyper Voice

  • Level 4: Attacks emitting various sonic waves that deals more damage the further away the opponent is.
  • Each time a sonic wave hits, the next one will deal bonus damage.
  • Upgrade: It emits an additional sonic voice.

In combination with Sylveon's passive that provides stacks of Speed ATK and Speed DEF. Trainers can one shot enemies with this skill.

Sylveon should focus on obtaining experience and ambush the opponents more than scoring.


Option B Calm Mind

  • Level 6: Temporarily increases Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed.
  • Upgrade: Completely nullifies damage from an opposing Attack, also you gain an extra Shield afterward.

Sylveon best build is putting all the eggs in the damage basket. The burst of this character is kind of broken. Although, Despite Calm is the best option, players needs to be more aware of enemies ambush.

Late Game

Unite Move: Fairy Charm

Level 8: Jumps, becoming invincible for a time, then landing, dealing AeO damage to all enemies in range while recovering health. Afterward, it will turn all the damage inflicted into extra health.

Sylveon during the first minutes of the match should focus in getting experience and try to ambush opponents. Once her Unite Move is unlocked, her viability in team fights highly increased.


Tip: Despite having Hindrance Immunity, the best strategy is to wait until the Team Fight is initiated and jump to the center of the battle when more enemies are together.

Held and Battle Items

  • Buddy Barrier: This is simply the best held item in the game. A defensive item that provides a shield and HP, it's good for all Pokemon and can turn a fight easily.
  • Muscle Band: By increasing Attack, damage based on opponent HP, and even ATK Speed - the Muscle Band makes its mark as a power item for attacking Pokemon.
  • Wise Lenses: This item increases Sp. Atk. This means it benefits aggressive playstyles well, especially in combination with other attacking items.

Battle Item

  • Eject Button is the weapon of choice for most players. Despite being nerfed, the ability to blink for relocating, escaping, or chasing is simply too powerful to pass up.

Sylveon is performing better than expected. So do not hesitate if you have enough Aeos Coins to get her Unite License.

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