Is Pokemon Unite Coming To PC as well as Nintendo Switch?

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Pokemon Unite has just arrived worldwide on Nintendo Switch but you may be wondering when you can see it come to PC. Here's what you should know.

Latest - Out Now On Nintendo Switch

If you have Nintendo Switch, you can get in there right now and discover the game for yourself.

Unfortunately, there's no news in the trailer about a PC port.

Pokemon MOBA

With this game, the Pokemon will be grouped into their categories. There will be an attacker, defender, speedster, supporter, and all around option.

pokemon unite, pc
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There will be 20 playable Pokemon in the game: 6 attackers, 4 speedsters, 4 all-around players, 3 defenders, and 3 supporters.

DOTA 2 and League of Legends Players, a new kid on the block is coming your way. For MOBA players, the cuteness of Pokemon is arriving into their familiar territory of 5v5 battles.

Where To Play Pokemon Unite

So where can you play the latest Pokemon game? The free-to-play MOBA is arrived on Nintendo Switch this week. There are talks that it will also be available for mobile platforms soon--fingers crossed it will be dropping in September, as suggested.

Is Pokemon Unite Coming To PC?

As for PC release, there have been no solid updates as to a version for this platform, although there are some players who might be awaiting some details on it.


As soon as we hear something more on it, we'll be sure to update you. As is often the case, Pokemon Unite's future on other platforms will depends on how popular it is when it first releases.

Don't forget to log in to the game before August 31st to get Pokemon Zeraora for free. The Electric-type Mythical Pokémon launched in Generation VII in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon is a crowd favorite.

Excited to finally play Pokemon Unite? You bet we are as well! We'll have everything you need to know about the game over the coming weeks.