Mamoswine is finally available in Pokemon Unite

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TiMi Studios officially announced the arrival of Mamoswine in Pokemon Unite. This will be the first new Pokemon since the game launched the mobile version.

Mamoswine looks is a very solid Pokemon that will strengthen the dominance of the Tank meta. Here is a preview of Mamoswine's release date, moveset, and Unite Move.

Latest - Mamoswine is now available

Mamoswine arrived in Pokemon Unite on September 29th, 2021.

Mamoswine is joining Pokemon Unite a week after the launch of the Mobile Version of the game, and is ready to make a big mark on both platforms!

Price: Trainers can obtain Mamoswine License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000x Aeos Coins or 460x Aeos Gems.

Mamoswine Details

Type: Defender (Melee) Difficulty: Intermediate

Passive: Every time Mamoswine deals damage, its Defense and Speed Def increased. Stack 3 times.

After using Icicle Crash or Ice Fang next basic attack becomes a boost attack. Decrease the goal speed of enemies under ice effects.

Mamoswine Moveset

Initial Abilities

  • Ice Shard
    • Hurls three chunks of ice, dealing AoE damage, and decreasing enemies movement speed. If all 3 chunks hit opponents, freezes them for a short time.
  • Tackle
    • Rush recklessly in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and throwing them (knocked back).
    • Can dash through walls.

Mid-Game Skills

  • Option A: Icicle Crash
    • Level 6: Drops icicles in the designated location, dealing AoE damage to opposing Pokemon, decreasing their movement speed.
    • The final icicle shatters boosting Mamoswine moves and attacks, if the icicle is shattered by Tackle or High Horsepower the ground will be cover with ice, boosting movement speed of teammates.
    • Upgrade: The final Icicle leaves enemies unable to act if hits them.
  • Option B Ice Fang
    • Level 6: Uses cold-infused fangs to pull the opposing Pokemon, dealing damage and leaving the Pokemon frozen for a short time.
    • Players can designate a direction to slam and throw an opponent, making damage with the impact.
    • Upgrade: Increase the area of effect for freezing effect.

Late Game Skills

  • Option A: High Horsepower
    • Level 8: Rush recklessly in a designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits and shoving them.
    • Mamoswine stomps its feet, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and leaving them unable to act for a short time.
    • This stomping deals increased damage to frozen enemies.
    • Upgrade: Increased the speed of the rush and increased the time that enemies are unable to act.
  • Option B Earthquake
    • Level 8: Mamoswine leap up in the designated area and land forcefully, dealing AoE damage to enemies and pull them towards him.
    • Upgrade: Decreases movement speed of enemies and increases the are of pulling power.

Unite Move: Mammoth Mash

Mamoswine jumps to the designated location and becomes immune to hindrances. Stomps on the ground repeatedly, dealing AoE damage and decreasing enemies movement speed for a short time with each stomp. The final stomp throws opposing Pokemon in the area of effect.

Evolution: Swinub Lvl1 - Piloswine Lvl 6 - Mamoswine Lvl 10


Mamoswine, besides having an incredible crowd control kit, seems to be the perfect Pokemon to make use of the new Held Item Weakness Policy.

Alolan Ninetales new Holowear

Mamoswine isn't the only drop coming soon.

The official Twitter account of Pokemon Unite announced the release of the special Alolan Ninetales' Holowear is coming soon!

We don't have price details yet, but with the looks of it, it might not be a bad idea to start stacking some Aeos Diamonds for a hefty tag.

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