Pokemon Unite: Greedent Build Guide and Tips

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Greedent, the melee Defender, is the newest character in Pokemon Unite. This cute little chipmunk and his berries introduce new dynamics into the game.

Releasing at the same time as the Pokemon Unite Halloween Festival, Greedent is coming to shake things up right from launch!

Here's everything you need to know about Greedent in Pokemon Unite, including his Unite Move, skills, some tips and tricks, and our build guide.

Release Date

Greedent was released in the Pokemon Unite version, which went live on October 20th, 2021.

Price: Trainers can obtain a Greedent License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems.

Trainers also have the opportunity to earn a Greedent License exchanging it for 70 Pumpkins from Halloween Night in Mer Stadium Mode.

Sustained Damage

Greedent shines for his capability to deal sustained damage, high survivability, but most of all, his capability to take down objectives.

Choosing Lane:

Players distribute one top lane, one mid lane, and three in the bottom lane in the current meta.

Greedent's best place is as support in the Bottom Lane. Make sure to take objectives like Drednaw and Zapdos.

Early Game:

Greedent evolution is at Level 5, a bit later than most Pokemon. However, he can use berries since the beginning of the game, so he is tanky enough to pressure opponents and steal their EXP.

  • Option A: Stuff Cheeks
  • Level 5: Greedent drops several berries, which can be eaten to recover HP.
  • Berries eaten in full HP will become a shield.
  • If Greedent catches the sight of a berry, it will increase his movement speed.

This ability will help keep his berry stacks at max and allow him to stay longer in the lane. Stuff Cheeks will also be part of powerful combos in the late game.


Option B: Belch

  • Deals AeO DMG and decreases movement speed of enemies. If Greedent had any berries stashed, consume all of them.
  • The more berries stashed away, the faster the cooldown of this move.
  • Upgrade: Increase damage dealt.

The two options at mid-game belong to two very different kinds of styles. Bullet Seed is an easier option, but we think Belch gives better rewards.

Belch deals a significant amount of burst damage and can be spam if players collect all berries on the map.

Late Game

Unite Move: Belly Belly Flop


Level 8: Greedent eat a berry to recover HP and then leap to the designated area, dealing AeO DMG and throwing opposing Pokemon. Then Greedient eats a unique berry, stashing an unlimited amount of berries in his tail for a short period.

Tip: Greedent Unite move in a combination of Belch can melt objectives to the point he can solo Zapdos.

Held and Battle Items

  • Buddy Barrier: This is a good item for every Pokemon, more in someone tanky as Greedent.
  • Wise Lenses: Greedent damage is ability-based. Trainers will use basic attacks rarely, so a good option is to increase his Special Attack with these lenses.
  • Choice Specs: This item increases paired very well with wise Lenses, considering Greedent berries will make him moe resistant, players can boost his damage.

Battle Item

  • X Attack - Greedent's best way to support their teammates is doing damage in and out. X Attack can provide those final hits to win battles.
  • Slow Smoke - This build is a bit experimental (the first time we recommend this item in a Pokemon). However, the extra decrease in Opponents Movement Speed right after Greedent Unite Move can catch all enemies under Belch spamming.

Greedent is a bit complicated but very rewarding for players that want a support with survivability and outstanding ability to secure objectives.

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