Pokemon Unite: Gardevoir is arriving on July 28

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Pokemon Unite launched just last week for the Nintendo Switch, with a good amount of content, but the promise of more to come.

Thanks to a new announcement, we now know the first piece of new post-launch content, the release of a new character, Gardevoir!

Here's everything we know about Gardevoir in Pokemon Unite.

Who is Gardevoir?

Gardevoir is a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon, bearing an elegant appearance that both male and female Gardevoir share. In Pokemon Unite, the character will be a Ranged Attacker.

This will be the first new character added after launch, but those with the Pokemon Unite beta have probably seen Gardevoir in action.

Gardevoir makes for a total of 7 attackers in Pokemon Unite, joining Pikachu, Greninja, Venusaur, Alolan Ninetales, Cramorant, and Cinderace in the category.

Release Date

Gardevoir will arrive in Pokemon Unite on Wednesday, July 28th.

No release time has been given just yet, but check back in as we will update with the latest news.

Gardevoir Abilities

Since this Pokemon will be an attacker, they have low endurance and excel at dealing heavy ranged damage to opponents.

Difficulty: Intermediate, Strikes its opponents from far away with its mysterious psychic power. burst attacks with wide range skills, this Pokemon has the ability to control opponents movements.
Unit Move: “Fairy Singularity”, an attack that draws enemies, trapping them and damaging them.
Evolution: Ralts Lvl 1 - Kirlia Lvl 6 - Gardevoir Lvl 10

How to get Gardevoir


You will be able to get Gardevoir in the Unite Battle Committee Shop. Although, at the moment, it’s not exactly clear how much the Pokemon will cost.

All "Attackers" cost 8000 AEOS coins and 460 Aeos Gems so far. However, it's possible that there will be price change, considering it's a new addition.

Pokemon Unite is free to play MOBA; and for those who installed the game and started an account before August 31st, they will get Zeraora (Speedster) for free.

If you own a Nintendo Switch, this is a good moment to jump into the game. The developers announced that it will have a mobile phone version for IOS/Android in September.