Pokemon Unite Duraludon: New Pokemon REVEALED

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During Pokemon Presents 2022, the big Livestream celebration of Pokemon Day, trainers received news across the many different games from the franchise.

For Pokemon Unite the stream revealed the next new Pokemon joining the roster - Duraludon!


Here is everything we know about Duraludon in Pokemon Unite, including when its release date will land and what its moveset may include.

Release Date

Earlier in the year, Pokemon Unite showed a big teaser on Twiter giving hints for the upcoming Pokemon.

In the teaser, a board lists several different types for upcoming Pokemon and their Pokemon Unite release dates. Three of the four of these Pokemon have already arrived, a list including Trevenenat, Aegislash, and Hoopa, which were released in February.


The mystery comes to an end with the announcement of Duraludon as the latest character. The image indicates he is coming in March, and considering Hoopa was released just some days ago, Duraludon's big debut will likely happen on March 17, 2022.


Based on previous releases, trainers will be able to obtain the Duraludon License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 530 Aeos Gems.


Duraludon Details

Duraludon is a Steel Dragon-Type. Based on the short footage that's been leaked so far, we can assume Duraludon is a new attacker.


In the leaked gameplay video, we see two moves, Stealth Rock, that make DMG enemies and leave an orb flying around the enemies, and Dragon Pulse.


Duraludon has no evolution but similarly to Hoopa, Duraludon has a form that enhances his strength and size, called Gigantamax Duraludon.

This may be his Unite Move, although, either of the two moves in the Teaser could also take on the role of Duralodon's Unite Move.

Laser Focus was also a hint in the big teaser we mentioned earlier. So, we think this will be part of the Duraludon Kit.

Perhaps developers will also give Duraludon two instances, Light Weight and Heavy Weight, increasing DMG when it is Light and Defense when it is Heavy.

For now, most of the information is entirely unconfirmed. As we approach Duraludon's release date in Pokemon Unite, however, we hope to receive new trailers detailing the upcoming Pokemon that players will soon face on Aeos Island.