Blissey is Coming to Pokemon Unite: Release Date, Price, Abilities & more

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The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account has announced that a new healer will be introduced to the game, Blissey!

The character is a support that will heal its team and provide crowd control immunity; as a tanky character as well, Blissey can even take some damage to save allies too.

Here's everything we know so far about the next new Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, Blissey!

Release Date and Price

Blissey will come to the game on Wednesday August 18th, 2021; being the second Pokemon joining the roster this month.

If Pokemon Unite will release content as other MOBAs, we can expect a third new Pokemon in August, with fingers crossed we see Blaistoise.

You will be able to get Blissey in the Unite Battle Committee Shop, and Blissey will cost 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos Gems. It's possible this new release shakes things up, however, so make sure you have a little extra if you're dying to try out Blissey on launch just in case!

Blissey Abilities

Pokemon Unite's current meta seems to relegate supporters to lower tiers. Blissey might be the exception to the rule: healing, boosting allies, and slowing and knocking back enemies is a varied kit that could really push Blissey up the tier lists.

Read over the full list of Blissey's Pokemon Unite abilities below:

Difficulty: Beginner

Passive: Natural Cure - Removes status effects in allies, reduce cooldown and boost attack for teammates to deal more damage.

Unite Move: Bliss Assistance - Jump towards and ally to shield shield them and boost their attack and speed attack. Blissey will take some of the damage dealt to an ally pokemon. It will knock back all the opponents in its way.

  • Skill 1: Pound - deal damage and slow the enemy.
    • Lvl 4 upgrade A: Egg Bomb - AOE skillshot with knockback and slow down enemies
    • Lvl 4 upgrade B: Helping Hand - Increase moves speed and atk speed of an ally. Boosts attacks at the end of the skill making more damage
  • Skill 2: Heal Pulse - Heal allies a designated ally over time.
    • Lvl 6 upgrade A "Softboiled". Stack up to three eggs and throw them at your allies to heal them and yourself.
    • Lvl 6 upgrade "Heal Bell". Removed Crowd Control and provide immunity to allies, granting a shield as well.

Evolution: Chansey Lvl 1 - Blissey Lvl 4

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