When Will Blastoise Be Available In Pokémon Unite?

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Pokemon Unite continues to take the Nintendo Switch by storm and the hugely popular free-to-play MOBA will soon be getting a brand new character, Blastoise. The gen one OG will make their way into the game soon as part of the first DLC drop.

Here's when you'll be able to get your hands on Blastoise in Pokemon Unite.

Blastoise Pokemon Unite Release Date

We don't currently have a solid release date for Blastoise in Pokemon Unite, but the developer has stated that they will arrive in the game 'soon'. Of course, we hope this means only having to wait a matter of weeks rather than months.

It would make perfect sense for the first new characters to drop before the end of August to maintain the positive start the game has had on the Nintendo Switch. Gardevoir has already been released so we expect Blastoise to be not too far behind.

Blastoise Abilities In Pokemon Unite

The curtain has been kept well and truly closed over Blastoise in Pokemon Unite meaning that their abilities, role and all the juicy details we want to know, are being kept under wraps.


If the reveal happens in a similar manner to the Gardevoir one, we should receive a Blastoise trailer that will detail all of their abilities. This is how we'll also learn what role Blastoise will take up. Based on the style of Pokemon that Blastoise is, we would be very surprised if they didn't take up a DPS or Tank style role.

There is still one more character in this set of additions that is unknown and fans are working overtime to try and figure out who will be the last to join the Pokemon Unite ranks in their first wave. No solid leaks or rumours have provided any info on this yet, but as soon as we know more, we'll keep you updated.