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Blastoise is finally available in Pokémon Unite

Nintendo has announced that Blastoise will come to Pokemon Unite next, so make sure to save your Aeos Coins!

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Here's everything you need to know about Blastoise in Pokemon Unite.

Blastoise is Now Available

Blastoise has finally arrived in Pokemon Unite and is already proving a popular character. As a defender, their job is to ensure that the team is well protected, often taking the brunt of the damage for the greater good.


Release Date

Blastoise will come to the game on September 1st, 2021.

Considering that Pokemon Unite will launch their Mobile Version on September 22nd, Blastoise will be the last exclusive launch for the Nintendo Switch.

Price: You can obtain Blastoise in the the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000x Aeos Coins or 460x Aeos Gems.


Blastoise Moveset


Type: Defender (Ranged) Difficulty: Intermediate

Passive: Torrent - When the Pokemon is at half HP or Less, its attack and atk speed are increased.

Unite Move: Hydro Typhoon - Spouts water to attack, while spinning and throws opposing Pokemon in a large area. Blastoise is shielded while using this move.

  • Skill 1: Skull Bash - Fiercely rams an opposing Pokemon and leave it unable to act.
    • Lvl 4 upgrade A: Surf - charges forward on a wave, shoving opponents leaving them unable to act.
    • Lvl 4 upgrade B: Rapid Spin - Blastoise's shell, spin around causing AoE damage while its movement speed is increased and the damage received is reduced.
  • Skill 2: Water Gun - Squirt water in the direction of its enemies.
    • Lvl 6 upgrade A: Hydro Pump - Blastoise squirts a powerful blast of water, knocking enemies back.
    • Lvl 6 upgrade B: Water Spout - Spouts water toward the designated location, decreasing the movement speed and making AeO damage to the enemy team.

Evolution: You will need to evolve Squirtle into Wartortle, then Wartortle into Blastoise. We do not have details yet in which level every evolution takes place.

Free Pikachu License Unlocked

The official Twitter account of Pokemon Unite informed players that the second milestone of pre-registrations have been reached.

More than 2.5 million people are in the waiting list for the mobile version of Pokemon Unite. As a celebration token, Timi Studios will give players Pikachu's license for free!