Pokemon Unite Battle Pass Season 3: Start Date, Rewards & Latest Details

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A new season of Pokemon Unite is upon us, and that means tons of new rewards thanks to the upcoming Season 2 Battle Pass called Sun, Sun, Sunshine.

Here's everything you need to know about the Pokemon Unite Season 2 Battle Pass - including its start time, rewards, price, and more.

Start Time

The Pokemon Unite Season 2 started on November 7, 2021, at 8:00 pm EST and will last 12 weeks (84 days).

Rank Season 2 marks the start of a new Battle Pass Called: Sun Sun Sunshine. Players will have 42 days (6 weeks) to complete the 90 levels and obtain all rewards.

Battle Pass Rewards

The Pokemon Unite Season 2 Battle Pass looks to bring some sunny cosmetics to the upcoming darker months with a great lineup of new rewards.

These are the high tier rewards on this battle pass:

  • Adept Style Charizard - The dragon will wear an oriental jacket and glasses
    • Obtained at Lvl 1
  • Masker Trainer Set - Summer Wrestler outfit with pink and black camouflage.
    • Players need to reach Lvl 14 to acquire the 6 pieces of this set
  • Design Short Set - Two pieces beach outfit, with a floral silk shirt at short bottoms.
    • Players Need to reach Lvl 34 to receive the two pieces of the set
  • Sunshine Set - this trainer outfit resemble the clothes found in Asian street markets.
    • Players need to reach Lvl 54 to receive the three pieces of the set.
  • Sunshine Venasaur - Exclusive Venasaur holowear with the looks of War Elephant.
    • Players need to reach Lvl 60 to unlock this holowear.
Shrine Style Crustle in Pokemon Unite
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Get your Shrin Styel Crustle exchanging Holowear Tickets

The Zirco Trading added as well a new Holowear for Crustle called: Shrine Style. In this holowear, Crustle is carrying a White Temple instead of her traditional brick.

This holowear was initially leaked as part of the new Battle Pass. Instead, players can exchange this fantastic cosmetic for 60 Holowear Tickets.

Note: Player can obtain Holowear Tickets in the Energy Exchange Lottery and open Battle Prize Boxes

Pokemon Unite Battle Pass Price


If you're looking to get the most out of Pokemon Unite on whatever mobile device you're playing on, you might be wondering what the battle pass price is.

Players can obtain Sun Sun Sunshine Battle Pass for:

  • 490 Aeos Gems for Premium Pass
  • 840 Aeos Gems for Premium Pass Plus
Image with the price and description of Pokemon Unite Battle Pass
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Premium Pass Plus is a great help to get the top tier rewards.

Trainers can convert real money to obtain Aeos Gems. There are several packages and first-time discounts. Nonetheless, the Battle Premium Pass price is around $5, and Premium Pass Plus is around $8.

List of prices of Aeos Gems in Pokemon Unite
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For first time purchasing, Pokemon Unite almost double the amount of Aeos Gems

There is no refund or discount for future Battle Passes in Pokemon Unite - so make sure you know what you're getting when you choose to pick it up!

Thanfully the Battle Pass is a good deal considering the amount of material to level up to max held items. The Sunshine Venasaur Holowear will not be available in shops after the Battle Pass is finished - so this unique reward is also a nice boost.

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