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Pokemon Unite Azumarill: Release Date, Unite Move, & Moveset

Pokemon Unite has announced the release date for the latest addition to the game's roster, Azumarill!

Azumarill will be an all-arounder with simple-to-use mechanics, with a combination of ranged and melee attacks.

Azumarill is the 34th Pokemon joining the battle on Aeos Island. Here is everything we know about the next release in Pokemon Unite.

Release Date

Azumarill will arrive in Pokemon Unite on April 7, 2022, at 8pm EST.


Based on previous releases, trainers will be able to obtain the Azumarill License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 530 Aeos Gems.

Azumarill Type & Evolutions

Type: All-Around (Melee) Difficulty: Beginners

Evolution: Azurill Lv. 1 - Marill Lv. 5 - Azumarill Lv. 7

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Azumarill will have excellent mobility and will inflict consistent critical attacks.

These are the moves trainers can expect from this new all-arounder:

Unite Move

  • Aqua Jet: Azumarill knocks back enemies with a water burst and then gets into a state where it is possible to cast enhanced abilities inflicting more DMG and higher speed.

Initial Moves

  • Tackle
    • A physical attack in which Azumarill dashes to the enemy dealing DMG.
  • Buckle
    • Azumarill throws bubbles to enemies while floating around.

Late Game

  • Whirlpool: Azumarill is surrounded by Whirlpools that rotate, inflicting DMG to enemies.
  • Aqua Tail: Azumarill deals DMG in a fan area by collecting energy with its tail.
  • Water Gun: Splash water on enemies and dash to the side to avoid counterattacks.
  • Play Rough: The Pokemon dashes dealing fast strikes to opponents.

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