Pokemon Unite Halloween Update: Greedent Release and Halloween Festival coming soon

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TiMi Studios is about to launch the first big event in Pokemon Unite! This will be Pokemon Unite update, a Halloween Special with a new mode, and a new Pokemon, Greedent.

Here is everything we know so far about this Trick or Treat celebration!

Release Date

The wait for this big Pokemon Unite update and event will be a short one. The Pokemon Unite Halloween event is starting on October 20, 2021!

It will last for a bit more than two weeks, with the last day being November 10, 2021.

LATEST: New Pokemon Greedent Revealed

We don't have many details about the new Pokemon besides Greedent is no longer a rumor. He will be the latest inclusion to the Pokemon Unite Roster.

Image of new Greedent in Pokemon Unite
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The new Pokemon is most likely to be a new attacker

Trainers can expect to start as Skwovet and Evolve to Greedent. We can also expect this Pokemon to bring its famous berries and regenerative powers to the battle.


Trainers will obtain a Greedent License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000 Aeos Coins or 460 Aeos Gems.

Greedent Details

Type: Defender (Melee) Difficulty: Expert

Passive: Cheek Puch - every time Gredent eats a berry, it also recovers HP while stealthily stashes another Berry in its tail. When Greedent is hit, it will drop the berry from its tail.

Greedent Moveset

Initial Abilities

  • Tackle
    • Greedent leaps to a designated area, dealing AoE DMG and decreasing enemies movement speed.
    • While Covet is active, Greedent instead will deal damage while running in the enemies in front.
    • If Greedent has berries stashed in its tail will consume them. The more berries are consumed, the lower the cooldown.
  • Defense the Curl
    • Grants Gredent a shield for a short time. In addition, a Berry will drop in front of him.

Mid-Game Skills

  • Option A: Stuff Cheeks
    • Level 5: Greedent drops several berries, which can be eaten to recover HP.
    • Berries eaten in full HP will become a shield.
    • If Greedent catches the sight of a berry, it will increase his movement speed.
  • Option B Covet
    • Level 5: Greedent runs towards enemies, dealing damage to enemies and throwing them.
    • While running, Greedent drops berries that will increase his movement speed when eaten. Belch and Bullet speed can be used simultaneously.
    • Upgrade: Increase damage and frequence of berries drop

Late Game Skills

  • Option A: Bullet Seed
    • Greedent spits seeds in the designated location, dealing damage and decreasing enemy movement speed.
    • The more berries stashed, the higher the damage.
    • Upgrade: Increase damage dealt.
  • Option B: Belch
    • Deals AeO DMG and decreases movement speed of enemies. If Greedent had any berries stashed, consume all of them.
    • The more berries stashed away, the faster the cooldown of this move.
    • Upgrade: Increase damage dealt.

Unite Move: Belly Belly Flop

Level 8: Greedent eat a berry to recover HP and then leap to the designated area, dealing AeO DMG and throwing opposing Pokemon. Then Greedient eats a unique berry, stashing an unlimited amount of berries in his tail for a short period.

Evolution: Skwovet Lvl1 - Greedent Lvl 5

Halloween Festival and Costumes

Pokemon Unite released a new Quick Battle called Halloween Night in Mer Stadium. The map got a makeover full of Pumpkins and Bats.

In this mode, battle items will be replaced by Pumpkins that can be used to throw and put on your Opponent Pokemon.

Trainers playing this mode will obtain Pumpkins that can be exchanged in the event shop for these rewards:

  • Halloween Pointed Hat (Trainer) x50 Pumpkins
  • Halloween Background (Snapshot) x10 Pumpkins
  • Pikachu's Pumpkinhead (Snapshot) x5 Pumpkins
  • Halloween Frame (Snapshot) x 5 Pumpkins
  • Greedent Unite License x 70 Pumpkins

Note: Pokemon Unite recommends that players choose their rewards wisely as there will not be enough Pumpkins to exchange all rewards.

Pokemon Unite will give a lot of Halloween treats in the shape of costumes for Trainers and Pokemon,

  • A Pikachu Halloween Pumpkin Mask
Image of Pikachu as a Pumpkin mask in Pokemon Unite
click to enlarge
Pikachu Pumpkin mask is quite cool!
  • Witch Hat
  • Fighter/Wrestling Outfit
  • Halloween Outfit set

Pokemon Holowears

We are receiving a new Legendary Holowear for Lucario, an "El Zorro" costume with unique ability animations.

Lucario Holowear of El Zorro in Pokemon Unite
click to enlarge
Lucario is El Zorro this upcoming Halloween.
  • Zeroara is getting a blue suit of Wizard.
  • Jigglypuff and Charizard are hip outfits for a chill trick or treat night.
  • Eldegoss is getting different colors for current Holowears.

Prepare for an event full of surprises this time around!

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