Pokemon Unite New Patch fixes Lucario and Crustle exploits

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Pokemon Unite Update is here, and it makes important changes including fixing bugs that were seriously affecting the fairness factor of competition.

The latest update includes the release of Mamoswine the newest tank, and some changes to the shops as well!

Here's everything you need to know about Pokemon Unite

Release Date

Pokemon Unite version arrived on September 29th, 2021.

Lucario and Crustle situation

TiMi Studios released a couple of patches as a quick response to certain bugs that were affecting the game. Players were exploiting certain abilities that were massively overperforming.

Lucario was able to eliminate enemies with a single shot, due to a glitch that was causing big damage. In combination with the ability Extreme Speed Special move, that restarts his abilities.

Crustle's Unite Move was also giving unexpected advantages with an error that increased the duration of its effect. Despite being used by many players, this exploited skill was mild in comparison with Lucario's.

Luckily, the actions to fix the problems were fast enough and Rank Games are a safe place again.

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

  • Fixed Lucario's Extreme Speed damage bug
  • Fixed Crustle's increased stats bug
  • Mamoswine joins the Pokemon Unite roster
  • New holowear and trainer clothing added

Mamoswine joins Pokemon Unite

Mamoswine is joining Pokemon Unite, a week after the launch of the Mobile Version of the game, and is ready to make a big mark on both platforms!

Price: Trainers can obtain Mamoswine License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 8000x Aeos Coins or 460x Aeos Gems.

Get ready for a powerful tank with unique crowd control skills and demolishing combos. Check our article with the full details of his abilities.


New Items in the Shops

A few other Holowears and Trainer clothing were also added in this update at the same time as Mamoswine's release.

  • Suit Style: Bulbasaur - Price: 1200 Aeos Diamonds
  • Bonfire Style: Slowbro - Price: 350 Aeos Diamonds
  • Gardevoir Trainer Set - Price: 6160 Aeos Tickets or 616 Aeos Diamonds
  • Talonflane Trainer Set - Price: 6160 Aeos Tickets or 616 Aeos Diamonds

With the release of Mamoswine, players can expect the arrival of Sylveon very soon, as they were both announced as part of launch of the Mobile Version.

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