Pokemon Unite Best Held Items Tier List

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The Pokemon Unite update debuts as the game makes its first appearance on mobile platforms, and it's got some awesome new content coming with it!

The introduction of three new Held items and a new system to obtain the very valuable Item enhancements, is the perfect time to revisit what options players have.

Here are the best Held Items in Pokemon Unite as of Update

What is a Held Item?

Pokemon Unite Held Items provide stat bonuses that allow players to strategize different styles of playing for their Pokemon.

Each game, a Pokemon can hold up to three different items.

These items provide stat bonuses, such as HP, increased Attack, Sp. Atk, and movement speed. At the same time, each held item has a unique passive that can also play into strategy.

Leveling up Held Items

In Pokemon Unite there are Held Items that have universal uses, while there are others that are situational and respond to very niche strategies.

Their stats can also be increased by 30 levels using Item Enhancers, though these are expensive. In fact, before Pokemon Unite, the only way to get a significant amount of these Item Enhancers was through spending real money.

TiMi Studios introduced Held Items Events to provide F2P a chance to increase their held items consistently. Nonetheless, it's important to chose wisely which held items to level up.

With this in mind, we're ranking the best Held Items in Pokemon Unite.

Tier List of Pokemon Unite Held Items
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Buddy Barrier is simply broken. Remains as the best Held Item.

Held Items Tier List

S Tier

  • Buddy Barrier: This is simply the best held item in the game. A defensive item that provides a shield and HP, it's good for all Pokemon and can turn a fight easily.
  • Focus Band: A defensive item that regenerates HP fast, Focus Band is good for All Arounders and Tanks.
  • Muscle Band: By increasing Attack, damage based on opponent HP, and even ATK Speed - the Muscle Band makes its mark as a power item for attacking Pokemon.
  • Razor Claw (New Item): Razor Claw can be a big difference maker, increasing Crit Rate and Attack, making it great for Speedsters.

A Tier

  • Assault Vest: This item increases HP and provides a Shield against Sp. Atk. - this makes it great for low HP Pokemon
  • Choice Specs (New Item): This item's passive Increases the damage of abilities. - This item really shines when combined with other Offensive items, but on its own, it's only good to ok.
  • Scope Lens: This item provides Crit Rate and Crit DMG but has a bug that interferess with its performance. - Scope Lens is good for damage dealers, but we'll have to see if the bug is truly fixed.

Situational Items

  • Score Shield: This item provides a shield that avoids score interruption. This benefits solo Q players but weakens your team overall.
  • Float Stone: This item increases ATK and movement speed, but only when a Pokemon is out of Battle.
  • Wise Glasses: This item increases Sp. Atk. This means it benefits aggressive playstyles well, especially in combination with other attacking items.
  • Weakness Policy (New Item): This item offers more damage when dealt damage, which is great in theory for tank characters, but in the end the reflection isn't strong enough to use elsewhere.

Which Held Items Should You Level?

Some held items are in players' starter inventory. Others, you obtain them rather easily while leveling up. There are also Held Items that are exclusively purchased with Aeos Tickets and Aeos Coins.

When gathering these Held Items, we recommend to not level them up until Ranked Mode is unlocked. Unless you are investing resources in Buddy Shield and Muscle Band, items that will always be useful to have around.

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