Big changes for Blissey coming in the Pokemon Unite Update

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Blissey has joined a very select group of Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, the supporters. With a kit that combines cleansing and healing, Blissey ranks high among all roles.

However, TiMi studios decided that this Pokemon was not performing as they expected and have decided to give the hero a buff with the update


Pokemon Unite Update Release Date

The update went be live at:

  • September 8, 2021, 7:00 UTC
  • September 8, 2021, 3:00 EST

Patch Notes

The Pokemon Unite update includes various unspecified Bug Fixes, Text Fixes, and Shop Updates, but the Blissey changes are the main thing. You can see them below:


The following stats have been increased:

  • Sp. Def

Changes to Safeguard:

  • Removes all status conditions from the user and the designated ally Pokemon and grants both Pokemon with a shield.
  • While these shields are active, the shielded Pokemon becomes immune to hindrances.
  • Cooldown reduced.
  • Area of effect increased.


  • Increases the amount of damage nullified by the shield effect.

Blissey Endurance

Blissey has the ability to take a part of the damage when allies are being attacked; even though he was not as tanky, making this move his biggest weakness.

The changes in this update will allow Blissey to stay longer and closer to allies in team fights.


In the case of safeguard, on paper, it's one of the most interesting abilities in the entire game; cleanse and buff the damage of the carry. With the addition of a shield, Blissey can resist the counter strategy of focus on her first.

Image with a plan of rewards for Pokemon Unite pre-registrations
Pokemon Unite reach the goal!

It may take some time for players to get used to the new changes for Blissey, but either way, expect to see plenty of the character in your next Pokemon Unite games as players try things out.

Pokemon Unite is coming to Mobile

The long-awaited Pokemon Unite mobile version release is coming out on September 22nd and pre-registration is available now!

The Pokemon’s MOBA, has already reached over 5 million pre-registrations two weeks before the big launch.

All players will obtain Pikachu's Unite license and the Holowear, Festival Style: Pikachu.