Pokemon Legends Arceus Save Data Bonuses: What they are

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The last few Pokemon games have given some pretty great bonuses to those who have played the previous games. Not one to betray a tradition, the same is true of Pokemon Legends: Arceus. If you're looking to play it and want to know what free goodies you're entitled to, this is what you should know about the Pokemon Legends Arceus save data bonuses.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Let's Go save data bonuses

If you have save data from the Let's Go games, you receive a nice set of masks for your characters - modelled after Eevee and Pikachu.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus
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Although you may assume you need the respective game to get your mask, you get both with either save data. You don't need to play both games to get them.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Sword/Shield bonuses

Sword and Shield gets you two nice things for your save data. First, you will receive a kimono set based on Shaymin that changed depending on your chosen gender.

Secondly, you can actually catch Shaymin after you have beaten the main story. As part of a research request, you can start it in Jubilife Village.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Diamond/Pearl bonuses

Like Sword and Shield, Shining Diamond and Brilliant Pearl will earn you a costume and a legendary Pokemon for your troubles. Firstly, you can get the Modern Team Galactic set, a mostly gray uniform for the baddies.

Secondly, you can catch the legendary Pokemon Darkrai in a special research request after you have beaten the main story. Being a pretty rare and strong Pokemon, this is a nice little bonus.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release Date

Pokemon Legends: Arceus finally launches on January 28th, mere days from now. With considerable hype around the game, there will likely be tonnes of players giving it a go on the date.

You can preload the game right now on the E-shop, if you want to play it the second it's available.

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