*LATEST* Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Time COUNTDOWN: Preload now & download size details

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We're just a few hours from the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and it won't be like anything you've experienced from the Pokemon franchise yet!

Taking place in the past, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is an open-world game that abandons the traditional gym and trainers structure, instead emphasizing exploration over everything.

If you can't wait to get in there yourself here's all the latest news as we approach release time.

Latest - Review Round-Up

With the Pokemon Legends: Arceus review embargo behind us, many outlets have sounded off on the quality of the newest Pokemon game. While our review won't be up until after launch, the feedback so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

To check out all of the latest Pokemon Legends: Arceus reviews, check out the thread below:

Pokemon Legends Arceus Release Time

Pokemon Legends: Arceus will finally launch on Friday, January 28th. Being in the works for years now, this comes with many important changes to traversal, the world and the way the game progresses. It seems like the world will have to get their hands on the game for themselves to really understand all it tries.

The game is currently in the hands of people around the world who managed to buy it early from some shops. If you want to avoid any spoilers before the official launch, you should probably avoid googling the game too much.

Although it could technically change or the servers could go through issues, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is set to release at midnight on January 28, whichever region you're in. Sometimes, the Eshop updates a few hours after so it could release then.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus Release


If you're there on midnight of day one and it won't launch yet, give it an hour or two and it should start working.

How to preload Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Preloading the game is pretty easy now. There are two central ways of doing so. If you purchased the game any point after January 21st, it should have already preloaded onto your Nintendo Switch.

If you ordered before then, it failed or you didn't have the storage, you can go into your games library on the Eshop to "redownload" it. This will download all 6GB of the game onto your console. Make sure to free up some space in advance.


Pokemon Legends: Arceus Won't Have ANY Gyms

As opposed to the normal Pokemon Gyms that every fan knows and loves, Pokemon Legends: Arceus has a different take on the franchise with a new structure and goals.

Instead of Trainers going from Gym to Gym to collect Badges and win tournaments, this game takes it back to a time before the Pokemon League even existed. Meaning that Gyms did not exist.

Instead, players will explore the wilds of an explored world in order to capture pokemon for the first ever Pokedex.

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