Pokemon Legends: Arceus Mystery Gift Codes and How to Reedem them

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Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the Nintendo Switch game that takes players to the times when trainers didn't exist, and Pokemon used to run free in the wild.

In just some months after release, it has a massive community of enthusiastic players behind, the reason why Nintendo decided to keep them even happier with constant gifts in the shape of Mistery Gift Codes.


Here is everything you need to know about Mistery Gift Codes and How to Redeem them.

What Are Mystery Gifts

Similar to previous games like Pokemon Sword & Shield and Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shinning Pearl, in Legends Arceus, there is a feature called Mistery Gifts.

Players can download prizes like Pokemon, Pokeballs, and items. The code can be exchanged online. Codes and rewards expire, so it is crucial to act fast.


All Active Mystery Gift Codes

These are all the currently active Mystery Gift Codes in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Mystery Gift Code Reward Expiration Date
THX4Y0URHELP5 Grit Pebbles, 5 Rare Candy and 5 Star PiecesMarch 31, 2022
ARCEUSADVENTURE30 Ultra Balls, 30 Gigaton Balls and 30 Jet BallsMarch 31, 2022
GameStop store distribution (US)Hisuian Growlithe, 20 Feather BallsMarch 13, 2022
No code require chose get Via Internet OptionHisuian Zoroark - Baneful MaskMay 9, 2022
No code require chose get Via Internet OptionHisuian Growlithe Kimono SetMay 9, 2022

Those players buying the game via Nintendo eShop and Amazon Japan/US will receive a unique code that will be given to them with their purchase.


How to Redeem Mystery Gifts

The first step to Redeem Codes is related to game progression. First, players need to Unlock The Mistery Gift Option.

After completing the game's fifth mission: A request from Mai. The option to claim Mystery Gifts will appear in the in-game menu.

These are the consequent steps to exchange Mystery Gift Codes:

  • Open your satchel by pressing the Up button
  • Scroll across options using the ZL and ZR buttons until you reach the Mystery Gift screen
  • Select the option Mystery Gift, then push Get with Code/Password or Get via the Internet
  • Insert the chosen code to claim the freebies.

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