Pokemon Go Teddiursa Community Day: Date, Ursaluna, Shiny Odds & More

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If Pokemon Go players weren't satisfied with one event taking place in the month of November, they now have their work cut out for them with a new Teddiursa Community Day that finally brings a new Legends Arceus evolution to the game.

Each community day features one pokemon which will have massively increased spawn rates, letting players catch as many as they can as they hunt for shinies, four-star ratings and powerful CPs.

Here is everything we need to know about Pokemon Go's Teddiursa Community Day.

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Featured Pokemon: Teddiursa

Pokemon Go has a Teddiursa Community Day
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One of the more useful community day Pokemon in quite some time, the non-classic choice for November is the generation two normal-type Pokemon Teddiursa.

After getting some special treatment via the Pokemon Legends Arceus game earlier in the year, pokemon go players have wanted to know when they can get the content and now they know but it's not as easy as people thought.

Ursaluna Evolution

Ursaluna is finally being added to Pokemon Go
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Ursaluna, the evolution to Ursaring added via Pokemon Legends Arceus earlier this year is now available in Pokemon Go but getting it is a little more complicated than simply evolving it.

During the community day, Pokemon Go will have a "full moon" event where the moon will be visible in the sky. This is where you will be able to evolve and Ursaring into an Ursaluna for 100 candy and once the moon disappears, we'll have to wait for the next moon event.

Pokemon Go Teddiursa Community Day Date & Time.

The Teddiursa Community Day will be taking place on Saturday, 12th November 2022.

As is usually the case with Pokemon Go, the Teddiursa event will begin at the standard local time across the world, beginning at 14:00 and ending at 17:00 local time.

Some effects will last for longer, such as the Full moon event, which will run until Sunday, 13th November 2022 at 06:00.

Special Research Story - A Sweet Snack

Here is a look at the Litwick Community Day Research
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For the trainer who wants that little bit extra out of their Litwick community day experience for £0.78 GBP / $1.00 USD, you can buy the special research ticket which will unlock a unique community day-themed set of tasks to give you more items, encounters and stardust.

There will be three levels of tasks with the fourth set of bonus rewards upon completion.


A look at the various bonuses for the Teddiursa Community Day.
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As is standard for Pokemon Go community days, there will be massive bonuses active during the day, namely bonuses to catch XP, candy and stardust. Trades will also be cheaper, letting people get those extra dex entries for cheaper.

Incenses and lures activated during the Teddiursa community day will last for three hours instead of the usual one, giving you more bang for your buck as you hunt down the small bear to get as many Ursaluna as possible

Shiny Odds


According to The Silph Road who conducted their own research on the Pokemon GO shiny odds, The boosted odds of community days is 1 in 25 encounters which makes coming across a shiny Pokemon quite likely but not guaranteed.

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