Pokemon Go Prime Gaming: How to Redeem Your Code and Get Your Items

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With millions of trainers worldwide, it's safe to say that more than a few Pokemon Go players will have an Amazon Prime subscription and are missing out on many benefits.

Making the most out of your access to Prime Gaming is something that any gamer should be doing and Pokemon Go is the perfect opportunity to do so, with a nice set of free items to fill up your bag ready for an adventure.


Here is a guide on how to redeem the codes for yourself.

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How to Redeem Your Pokemon Go Prime Gaming Rewards

A look at the Pokemon Go Prime Gaming rewards

The first step to getting your hands on the monthly sets of Pokemon Go items is to head over to the Prime Gaming webpage and log in with the Amazon account that has access to a prime subscription.

Once you do, search through the various rewards available until you come across the Pokemon Go page and click on it, which will bring you to a list of codes and pieces of information.

The Pokemon Go code screen for your prime gaming items

Click on the code on the far left, which is the most recent code available for the month, then when the pop-up with your code appears, copy it or keep it on a screen while you open your Pokemon Go app.


When you load up Pokemon Go, you're going to want to go to your store page and scroll down until you hit the very bottom, below all of the purchasable pokecoins.

Where to redeem your pokemon go promo codes

There you will see a bar labelled "Promos". Either paste or type out the code into this bar after tapping into it and once it's done the code will automatically redeem itself and grant you your items.

Each code can only be used once and once their time expires, they are gone forever so be sure to keep checking back each month to get all the items you need for your adventure.