Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to unlock Defog

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Exploration is a big part of most Pokemon Games. In the case of Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shinning Pearl, certain areas are accessible only using Hidden Moves (HMs).

Some parts of the Pokemon BDSP map are covered by steep mist. The Hidden Move Defog will allow trainers to clear this to see clearly.

Learn how to unlock this move, its location, and where to use it below!

What are Hidden Moves?

Defog is one of many Hidden Moves in Pokemon BDSP. HMs are special abilities that, in most cases, allow trainers to manipulate the environment around them.

In the Pokemon BDSP remake, trainers can save and use HMs with their Poketch (Smartwatch).

Trainers obtain HMs by exploring specific areas, and they are activated once the next Gym Leader is defeated.

Where to find Defog

Defog is a flying type Hidden move. It will remove the fog that covers certain rooms allowing you visibility.

Trainers can find Defog in the Great Marsh area. Just walking right from the entrance, an Ace Trainer will teach you the HM.

Defog is also available from the Sphere Trader in the Grand Underground. To use Defog, you'll have to defeat Crasher Wake, the local Gym Leader.

Defeating Crasher Wake

Crasher Wake is the fourth Gym Leader in the Pastoria City Gym. He is a Water Pokemon specialist; therefore, we recommend bringing Electric and Grass-type pokemon to take advantage.

Crasher Wake Pokemon:

  • Gyarados Lvl 27
  • Quagsire Lvl 27
  • Floatzel Lvl 30

The Pastoria Gym features platforms at different elevations, which you can reach by adjusting the water levels inside the gym.

Tip: Quagsire is vulnerable to Water-Type moves despite being a Water Type Pokemon, so if you have a strong water type in your team, this is the best time to use it.

Where to Use Defog

These are certain regions where Defog is necessary:

  • Route 210 on the way to Celestic Town
    • You can cross this area without Defog. However, the road is more accessible.
    • Great Marsh is also in the way, so it is an excellent opportunity to pick Defog.
  • To reach Snowpoint City.
    • Trainers need to use defog once they enter the cave. After that, the screen will turn white. In this case, Defog is mandatory.
  • To enter the Hall of Fame.
    • Traveling on Route 224, just before entering the Hall of Fame, you will encounter a road full of Fog.
  • To enter the Turnback Cave.

Defog is used via the Poketch, using the HM application. Players can access their Poketch using the R button on Nintendo Switch.

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