Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl: How to check IV

Catching just any Pokemon is not the only thing trainers should keep in mind in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl. Individual Values or IVs are hidden stats that make some Pokemon stronger than others.

Find out how to check the IV of your Pokemon and obtain high IVs in your future captures in our guide below!

How to Check IV

You can check IVs in the current generation by unlocking the Judge Function at the Battle Tower.


  • Trainers need to defeat the Elite 4 and the champion Cynthia to have access to Snowpoint City.
    • If you have already visited the city before, you can ride a boat to the Fight Area.
  • Once you are in the Fight Area, enter the building to the northeast and pass straight through Battle Park to reach the Battle Tower.
  • Inside the Battle Tower, you can talk to the man beside the east wall of the room near the PC.
  • Talking to him will unlock the Judge Function in your Pokemon Boxes

Checking IV

  • To check the IVs of a Pokemon, open your Pokemon Boxes by going to a PC or pressing the R Button while you are on the Pokemon Party screen.
  • Pick a Pokemon, then press the + or – button to view its stats. Press + or - again. The IV will be shown on the right of the screen.
Pokemon IV in Pokemon BDSP
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Judge Function allow trainer to check Pokemon IVs

Reading IV

IV are six categories that can oscillate from 0 to 31 points. Unfortunately, the IV from the Judge Function is not in numeric values. Instead, they are expressed in descriptions.

Here are the numeric equivalents to the IV descriptions:

  • 1-10 IVs: Decent
  • 11-20 IVs: Pretty Good
  • 21-29 IVs: very Good
  • 30 IV: Fantastic
  • 31 IV: Best
Pokemon BDSP Judge Function
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Pokemon BDSP Judge Function

How to Catch High IV Pokemon

Every time you see an animation showing your character before a battle, the Pokemon will have at least two high IVs.

Poke Radar is another excellent method to increase your chance of getting Pokemon with high IV. The higher the length of the chain, the higher the IV.

The last option is breeding. Visit the Pokemon Nursery in Solaceon Town. You can monitor the growth of your future Pokemon in the Egg monitor Poketch App.

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