Pokemon Legends: Arceus trailer shows off new Poekmon, Mechanics and more

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Nintendo and Game Freak have taken some interesting strides over the last few years with Pokemon. Now, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is mere months away and we have so much more to uncover.

The Pokemon Presents Showcase arrived today and shone a spotlight on it. Here's what we found out.

Release Date

You can play Pokemon Arceus for yourself on January 28th, 2022. This leaves just a few months until its launch. Expect even more information and maybe some special preorder options as we get closer to its release.

We will update you here as we find out more about its release.

New Pokemon

The latest trailer showed off tonnes of new things, including some nice new shots of Pokemon. As we go forward, people will probably find tonnes of little hidden pokemon but here are a few of them that we spotted.

Aside from the starter pokemon and the few we saw in the last trailer, we saw Stantler, Gyarados, Growlithe, Nosepass and tonnes more from different regions and of different types. Watch the trailer for yourself to try and find new ones.

Outside of this, the Hisui region brings some brand new, never seen before pokemon like Wyrdeer, the evolution from Stantler. Then one more, the Basulegion is a huge fish that evolves from Basculin.

We also have brand new pokemon forms in the Hisuian Braviary and Hisuian Growlithe.

New Mechanics


Feeling like somewhere between classic Pokemon, Monster Hunter Stories and an open-world RPG, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a brave new step for Pokemon. Although its world is big, it is all based around Mt. Coronet, having unique biomes. You catch Pokemon with old-school wooden Pokeballs and combat is a choice, made consciously by throwing your pokemon forward.

The game's Pokedex option works much more like a general completion list, tasking you with finding certain Pokemon or watching certain moves. Finding out more about Pokemon is a bit more manual having you make the Pokedex we're familiar with today. Fights aren't the only way to get brand new items.

Finally, Pokemon can be hopped upon to travel across the region and get to your location quicker. This is all we spotted in the latest trailer. Be sure to come back here as we find more and continue to watch that new trailer.

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