How long New Pokemon Snap takes to beat

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The long awaited sequel to the Nintendo 64 game, New Pokemon Snap, is finally out on Switch.

With more than 200 Pokemon to catch across a variety of different locations, there's a lot to do and a lot of photos to take.

While catching them all will be the objective of many, beating the game in the traditional sense will always be an aim.

We're got everything you need to know about how long New Pokemon Snap takes to beat.

New Pokemon Snap Length

While we haven't completed the game ourselves yet, we've got a good idea of how long New Pokemon Snap takes to beat.

Reviews have suggested that the game will take around 10-12 hours to beat, but that'll depend on how you approach it.

Since the Switch game leads you through levels on rails of sorts, you can't exactly rush through. You'll almost have to take photos at the rate the game wants you to.

However, there are things that could make New Pokemon Snap longer. First, you can try to take pictures of all the Pokemon in the game.

We don't know exactly how many Pokemon there are in the game, with some inevitably pretty hidden, but there will be at least 200.

If you're intent on following Ash and catching them all, you'll need to spend more than the 10 or so hours just beating the main story will take.

Research Levels

Finally, you'll also be able to play additional levels called Research Levels, which unlock once you beat levels once.


After the first photos you submit from a level, replaying it will see the Pokemon act differently, giving you a chance to get higher rated photos.

To see everything in New Pokemon Snap, you'll need to run through all of these Research Levels and see each Pokemon in every possible state/pose.

To see absolutely everything in the game, it might take quite a while.

As soon as we've beaten it ourselves, we'll update you with exactly how long it took us.