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How to get behind waterfall in New Pokemon Snap

Just as you'd expect from any Pokemon game, there are some secrets and hidden areas in New Pokemon Snap on Switch.

In the Founja Jungle level, you'll spot some Pokemon lurking behind the waterfall halfway through the level and you'll want to get there to take some cool snaps.

Below, we've got everything you need to know about how to get behind the waterfall in New Pokemon Snap.

How to Get Behind the Waterfall in New Pokemon Snap

The first thing you're going to need to do is hit Research Level 2 in both the Day and Night versions of the Founja Jungle course.

You'll also need to have been introduced to the new Illumina Orbs by the professor and unlocked the ability to play music to wake the sleeping Pokemon.

Once you've done that, jump into the Night level once more and continue along the path, with the professor saying that there's a new path to see. Now, follow the steps below.

  • Follow the main path until you reach the large branch section that goes over the trees to the right.
get behind waterfall new pokemon snap
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GO AWAY: Get Liepard to move
  • As soon as you see the Liepard relaxing on the rock, press R to play music and wake up the Pikipeks there.
  • The Liepard should chase them, leaving the path free.
  • Now, hold X to interact with the new path icon that should appear where the Liepard was and you should head behind the waterfall.
  • There will be a Leafeon (who you would have spotted at the start of the level), a couple of Swampert, a Wooper, and some Morelull for you to take pictures of.
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In our experience, you can't get behind the waterfall in the Day version of New Pokemon Snap's Founja Jungle.

Other people say throwing Illumina Orbs at Liepard will get it to move, but that didn't work for us.

There's nothing behind the waterfall during the day at Research Level 2 anyway, so it doesn't really matter. The nighttime is when you'll want to explore.

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