Mario Strikers Battle League Developer: Nintendo bringing back EPIC game

Great news for Nintendo fans, Mario Strikers is coming back in a big way this season with the arrival of the new Battle League game!

Coming this summer, Mario Strikers Battle League is a throwback to the old Mario Strikers Charged Football that proved so popular on the Nintendo Wii.


Released way back in 2007, Mario Strikers Charged Football is fondly remembered by those old enough to have played it on the Wii!

Fans of the old game and current Nintendo Switch players have plenty to look forward to this June with the new Mario Strikers game and Nintendo Switch Sports.

Both games are being developed in-house by Nintendo themselves and we have high expectations for both new titles.

Release Date

Mario Strikers Battle League will be released for Nintendo Switch on Friday, 10 June, 2022.

This surprise has already stolen the show at Nintendo Direct and will be many Nintendo fans' most anticipated title of 2022.


Mario Strikers Battle League is available on the Nintendo Switch, though (while unlikely) other platforms may be revealed closer to the game's launch later this year.

It will be available for online and local multiplayer, but online play will require Nintendo membership.

Pre Order

Mario Strikers Battle League is available for pre order today on the Nintendo E-Shop with a price tag of $59.99, so you can secure your copy now for Nintendo Switch!

Mario Strikers Battle League pre order release date info
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TAKE THE FIELD: Mario Strikers Battle League preorders will open today on the Nintendo shop

The game's file size clocks in at 3GB, so you may need to clear some hard drive space before picking the game up.

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