How to Watch the E3 2021 Nintendo Direct

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Nintendo's latest Direct is almost upon us. With that should come tonnes of new updates on the latest games and maybe a few new surprises too.

Here's how to watch it and when

Latest - Direct is on Tonight

We're mere hours away from the event so it's time to get the stream ready.

Tune in at 9 am PT / 5 pm BST on Tuesday, June 15th, and stay after the 40-minute presentation. If that wasn't enough, after the Direct, there will be a three-hour-long Nintendo Treehouse livestream.

Nintendo Direct Start Time

The next Direct is just around the corner so you might wonder when it starts. This year's stream takes place at 9 am PT / 5 pm BST on Tuesday, June 15th, and will be "roughly 40 minutes long"

As is expected, there may be some marginal delays due to technical issues. If it doesn't start the minute it should, just give it a few minutes to sort itself out or try a different stream source. Luckily, there are a good few to choose from.

How To Watch The E3 2021 Nintendo Direct

There are a few central ways to watch the Direct this year. The first way is watching it via YouTube. You can watch it via E3's official YouTube account.


With 50 thousand subscribers but millions of watchers, this will be the least populated way to watch the show from the source. This being said, it should still be filled with commenters. If you don't want to watch it this way, you can check it out on Nintendo's YouTube channel.

If you're a bit more of a Twitch fan then you can watch it there instead. You can watch it at E3's official Twitch channel or via Nintendo's Twitch Channel here. These will have fewer viewers than the Nintendo Youtube account but will still have hundreds of thousands of viewers when it goes live tomorrow.