Does Pokemon Legends Arceus have Multiplayer?

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Pokemon Legends Arceus is undoubtedly one of the most intriguing new games in the franchise for some time. While it won't play out like your traditional monster-catching experience, there will be plenty of identifiable features throughout the game.

One possible feature that the community has been crying out for, however, is a multiplayer or co-op system. Will Pokemon Legends Arceus manage to deliver on this or will fans' demands go unanswered?

Does Pokemon Legends Arceus have Multipalyer?

Yes! Pokemon Legends Arceus will have a multiplayer experience, however, neither Nintendo nor developers The Pokemon Company have expanded any further on this. Not ideal with the launch being so close!

We do know that there will be a trading post system that will allow players to trade Pokemon caught across the region with one another. The game is specified as being playable for up to 2 players on the official Nintendo store listing as seen below.

pokemon arceus legends multiplayer nintendo store
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This doesn't specify whether it's 1-2 players on the same system or online but for now we will assume at least that online co-op is possible. There were some co-op features included in Pokemon Sword and Shield and we imagine that Pokemon Legends Arceus will also capitalise on something similar.

There are also listings that suggest an active Nintendo Online subscription are needed. This lends further credence to the idea of online co-op play.

Online player battles are already confirmed as being left out of the game. This will be disappointing for many but it fits the trend of Pokemon Legends Arceus not being a traditional experience.

We're looking forward to having the multiplayer aspect clarified prior to launch which is only a few weeks away! For all the latest news, updates and post-release guides, check out our official Nintendo page!

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