Animal Crossing New Horizons August Update: Fireworks Are back!

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Animal Crossing New Horizons players have finally received new content after a hiatus.

Even if it's not as substantial as most people expected. The islanders have things to look forward this month! Here are the patch notes for the month of August.


Upcoming Events

Fireworks Shows - Get ready for pretty colors and fun festivities! For the month of August, a fireworks show will be lighting up your island’s sky every Sunday after 7 p.m. 

  • August 8th, 2021
  • August 15th, 2021
  • August 22nd, 2021
  • August 29nd, 2021

You can even design your own fireworks by giving custom design patterns to Isabelle. At midnight fireworks will promptly end and Redd's Raffle will close, so be sure to enjoy all the festivities before that.

The surprise for this patch? These festivities will bring new items to Redd's shop. Popsicles, Cotton candy, and BOBA tea! Because we love Boba! you can chose among 5 different flavors.

A scene from Animal Crossing New Horizons
LOVE STORY: Experience the saga between Zhinü and Niulang with special items

Cowherd & Weaver Girl Day

This even will run from August 5 to August 14, is a a returning seasonal event celebrating the Chinese holiday about a love story between Zhinü and Niulang.


During this seasonal period, players can purchase the following items from the Special Goods at Nook Shopping

  • Orihime Outfit
  • Hikoboshi Outfit
A scene from Animal Crossing New Horizons with items from the Obon event
RETURNING HOME: Animal Crossing New Horizons celebrates Obon


This event will run from August 10th to 16th. Obon is a new seasonal event celebrating the Japanese Holiday, when it is believed ancestral spirits return home.

During this seasonal period, players can purchase the following items from Nook Shopping:

  • Eggplant Cow
  • Cucumber Horse

New Fish and Bug Creatures

Each and every month in Animal Crossing New Horizons brings a different set of fish or bug creatures that can appear on your Animal Crossing island, depending on the current month from the real-time clock.


Northern Hemisphere

You can find 3 new bugs you can catch with your net:

  • Migratory Locust
  • Rice Grasshopper
  • Walker Cicada

3 new fishes you can capture with the fishing rod:

  • Soft Shelled Turtle
  • Moray Eel
  • Ray

And one sea creature available to trap with a wet suit:

  • Flatworm

Southern Hemisphere

Unfortunately, it's winter in the South so there is not many new bugs or sea creatures. You can catch with your net:

  • Tiger Beetle

Nonetheless, you can enjoy the beautiful Aurora Australis before they vanish for another year.

Future Changes

Nintendo has decided to wait on the major Animal Crossing New Horizons update. This despite data miners discovering that new changes will have to do with a cafeteria and new features for the Museum (if leaks hold to be true).

In the meantime, don't let the pass the opportunity to enjoy the Fireworks and new content of August!